Packing For Travel: What's Your Packing Style Survey Update.

How do Knackpackers pack their travel bags?

Last week we sent a survey to our Knackpackers community to find out how our members pack for a trip, and which of the following categories of packing style they fall into: Minimalists, Over Packers, Planners, and Procrastinators. 

  • The Minimalists - Minimalists are ruthless in cutting anything that’s not completely necessary from their travel bags. They prefer lightweight, hands-free travel. 
  • Over Packers - These guys bring things ‘just in case’. They often over-stuff their bags or have to bring a second bag. 
  • Planners - Planners are strategic, and like to start making a packing list far in advance. They love organization and know exactly where everything is in their travel backpacks. 
  • Procrastinators - They don’t pack until fifteen minutes before they have to leave for the airport, and have a history of forgetting important things. 

By understanding how much thought and stuff goes into how Knackpackers pack for a trip, we’re better able to design bags that help you live your best One Bag Life.

(BTW, survey recipients were also entered in the chance to win a Free Series 2 Knack Pack…. the winner is announced at the bottom of this page!)

The Results

We got hundreds of responses, and we definitely learned a lot about the packing habits of our Knackpacker community. Here are some of the major insights.

Minimalists (17% of all Knackpackers)

Minimalist Knackpackers love to travel with Just One Bag. In fact, 87% of Minimalist Knackpackers have have enjoyed One Bag Travel in the past. This group also doesn’t need much time to get their bags packed; 67% of Minimalist Knackpackers pack the day before. And because they don’t need much space, they like to travel with smaller, more lightweight bags.

Over Packers (28% of all Knackpackers)

A whopping 82% of Over Packer Knackpackers really want to make space for all the souvenirs and other stuff that they buy on their trip, and understandably, 56% prefer to bring a larger bag with them. Just under half of Over Packer Knackpackers have traveled with a single bag. And although this group brings a lot of stuff, organization is important to them; 74% said that it’s critical for their travel bag to have pockets and compartments to keep their stuff organized. 

Planners (40% of all Knackpackers)

Unsurprisingly, over half of Knackpackers that fall into the planning category love to make packing lists - and 43% make a packing list at least one week ahead. They also plan around the stuff that they’ll pick up on their trip, as 70% of Planner Knackpackers also like to have extra space in their bag for the stuff that they’ll pick up on their trip. 

Procrastinator (14% of all Knackpackers)

As you’d expect, nearly half of all Procrastinator Knackpackers don’t pack until the 11th hour, and nearly half never make a packing list (although some of them make a mental packing list ahead of time). Only 23% of this group care at all that their bag is organized, probably because they’re more focused on just making sure that everything they need ends up inside.


Knackpackers like to have pockets and compartments

61% of all Knackpackers said that it’s critical that their bag can stay organized… only one Knackpacker out of the hundreds that we surveyed prefers that their bag is a big empty space. 

Most Knackpackers have traveled with Just One Bag

Knackpackers have either enjoyed One Bag Travel, or plan to in the future. But of the small percentage of Knackpackers who said that they have never traveled with just a single bag, 56% were Overpackers. This is pretty understandable, of course. 

Knackpackers who make a packing list tend to do so ahead of time 

60% of Knackpackers who make a packing list make it at least one week before. We’re impressed by that kind of proactivity. Interestingly, a few of the Knackpackers who don’t make packing lists still start packing their bags at least a week in advance of their trip… we’d love to see what their rooms look like.

Knackpackers like to have extra space

Because we designed Knack with an expandable travel compartment, we were happy to learn that 70% of Knackpackers like to have extra space in their bags for all the stuff that they pick up on their trip. 


Knackpackers have all kinds of different packing styles; some take their packing seriously, and some don’t. No matter what your packing style is, Knack Packs have features - like multiple pockets and an expandable compartment - that make it possible to organize and add space when traveling. 

Finally, congratulations to Paul Harper for winning the Series 2 Knack Pack! And thanks to everyone who participated, we’re excited to use your feedback to make bags that work for you.

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