Our 9 Favorite Personal Finance Podcasts

Today, we’re sharing 9 of our favorite personal finance and investing podcasts.  Some of us are just beginning to really dig into personal finance, opening up retirement accounts and making our first investments in this crazy market.  Others have been investing for years (or decades!), and listen to podcasts to stay current with investing trends and emerging opportunities.

We’ve organized the top financial podcasts by experience level below, to help make it easier for you to find a new podcast to listen to.

Did we miss a podcast?  Be sure to comment below to let us know, and we’ll add it!

Top finance podcasts to listen to on your commute

4 Beginner Personal Finance Podcasts

Learning about money can be intimidating, and it doesn’t help when people throw around a lot of jargon that you don’t understand, at all!  Here are 4 podcasts to check out for those new to personal finance:

Afford Anything

One of the most popular personal finance podcasts is hosted by Paula Pant.  This podcast covers a range of topics, mixing in episodes with reader questions about their personal financial situation.  Paula’s background is in real estate investing, so if you’re looking to level up in your personal finance life AND learn a bit about real estate, then this is the podcast for you!

Listen here.

Financial planning podcast for beginners

His & Her Money

Managing money as a single human can be tough, but managing finances and making decisions as a couple adds another layer of challenges!  In this podcast, Talaat and Tai McNeely give background on a variety of financial topics, with the added benefit of discussing financial decisions as a married couple.

Listen here.

his and her money show finance podcast for beginners

Listen, Money Matters

This podcast covers a lot of “Money 101” topics, from how to invest your first $5,000 to choosing a retirement plan.  The hosts crack jokes throughout the show, and they enjoy a bit more colorful language.

Listen here.

Listen, Money Matters podcast


Finance has historically been a bit of a “Boy’s Club,”  HerMoney is a podcast hosted by Jean Chatzky and meant to offer real talk about women and personal finance.  The podcast website is handily organized by topic, so you can easily start where you’re most interested.

Learn more here.

Her Money personal finance podcast for beginners

2 Intermediate Personal Finance Podcasts

The next set of podcasts are for people who have set up their retirement accounts, have figured out how to pay-off student loans and consumer debt – and are ready to jump into the stock market.

For this section, we did our best to choose podcasts that offer information – but steer clear of investing advice.  Be sure to remember that these podcasts have lengthy disclaimer statements, and you should not immediately go out and act on the advice shared!


Hosted by father-daughter team, Phil and Danielle Town, this podcast shares info on how to research companies and shares insights from leading investors like Warren Buffet.  The podcast takes a “teacher/student” approach, with Phil as the knowledgeable investor and Danielle asking insightful questions as a new investor.

Listen here.

InvestEd investing 101 podcast

The Money Guy Show

Sharing their show out of Georgia are “The Money Guys,” Brian Preston and Bo Hansen, who are financial advisors.  This show does a great job of showing how one “levels up” with investing and money management over time by sharing how they prioritize spending their “army of dollar bills.”

Listen here.

The Money Guy Show podcast personal finance and beginning investing

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3 More Advanced Personal Finance Podcasts

"The White Coat Investor" Podcast

There are a lot of podcasts that focus on starting out as an investor, but very few meant for higher net worth individuals.  Named for the “white coat” doctors wear, the podcast is hosted by ER doctor, Jon Dahle.

Listen here.

"The White Coat Investor" Podcast for advanced investors with high net worth

Investing Insights from Morningstar

One of the most famous investment research firms is Morningstar, and this is a great podcast for those who want to stay super informed on the market.  Episodes vary from interviews with powerful investors and industry leaders, as well as vocabulary and different strategies investors use.

Listen here.

Investing Insights from Morningstar podcast for advanced investors

Invest Like the Best

If you’re annoyed by podcasts that speak too broadly about industries and strategies, then “Invest Like The Best” is right up your alley.  This podcast tackles complex investment strategies, delving deep into topics other podcasts tend to steer clear of!

Listen here.

Invest Like the Best advanced finance podcast

Who are your favorite finance thought leaders?

What finance or investing professionals do you like to use for information?  Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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