New Knack Accessory: Compressible Shoe Bags

The product drops just keep coming!  Last week, we released a SURPRISE drop, the Limited Edition Second Anniversary Knack Backpack.  Today, we’re releasing a product that you, Knackpackers, have been asking for!

Introducing: The Compressible Shoe Bag.

Compressible Shoe Bag with Divider

Packing in the Expandable Suitcase Compartment

One of the key features of the Knack Pack laptop backpack is the expandable suitcase compartment.  This compartment makes it easy to pack for a weekend trip, a workout or to carry fish samples around in using the same bag you carry every day.

But, sometimes, we don’t want our shoes touching our clothing – even if our clothes need to be washed.  Leather shoes can get scuffed, heels can catch on clothing, or running shoes can get dirt… everywhere.

Given our goal to make living a One Bag Life even better, the Knack Design Team got to work on a shoe bag to make packing easier.

expandable luggage compartment - Knack Pack Laptop Backpack

Not just any shoe bag – a COMPRESSIBLE shoe bag

We’re a little obsessed with saving space (the Knack Packing Cubes can compress by 60%!!), so we wanted to be sure to include this key feature with our shoe bags.

Our Compressible Shoe Bags have external compression straps to help save space and you dictate how much space you want to save by adjusting the amount of compression that’s right for you. 

There’s also an internal divider to keep shoes from rubbing against each other while packed.  No more scuffed shoes!

Compressible Shoe Bag for Travel

Two Sizes of Compressible Shoe Bags Available

One size definitely does not fit all, so we have two sizes of compressible shoe bags available!  Here’s the breakdown:

Ready to Pack Some Shoes?

Pre-order your Knack Shoe Bags.  Knack Shoe Bags should ship around 12/15/20. To thank you for your patience, we’ll add a complimentary Knack Travel Candle to your pre-order.

Compressible Shoe Bags for Travel

More Product Drops?

We’re not done dropping new products this season, and we’re pretty excited about what’s going to drop next!  Be sure to subscribe to our email list HERE to learn about the new products – a full week before anyone else!

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