Happy Anniversary to Us!

It’s our Anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited! The past twelve months have been great: filled with new products, new accolades, and most importantly, new Knackpackers. So we’re taking a moment to reflect, give thanks, and celebrate. 

We thought that one of the best ways to celebrate with you would be to share some of the fantastic real-life stories that fellow Knackpackers have shared over the years. After all, it’s you who’ve made Knack what it is today.  

Knack Pack and Accessories

The Original Knackpacker

Feeling a bit nostalgic, we checked in with our very first Knackpacker to see how he’s getting along. At 8:16 am, on October 23, 2018, Kevin W. purchased a Series 1 Medium Knack Pack in Savile Gray, earning the distinction of becoming the first-ever Knack customer. 

Kevin, What Made You Purchase The Knack Pack?

“I was spending a lot of time in the airport, flying back and forth to London. Like many people in business, I carried a briefcase, carry-on, and cell phone but wanted one bag to do it all. The Knack Pack made it easy to get through the airport and on and off the train once I arrived.”  

What Do You Love Most About Your Knack Pack?

“It’s the combination of being a travel backpack and an everyday carry. I only need one bag.” 

Are You Still Using It Today?

“I wish I could say yes, but my wife now claims it as her own. She uses it as an everyday work bag. It’s great for her commute, and I don’t think there’s much chance of me getting it back at this point.” 

How Is The Quality Of Your Knack Pack Today?

“It has held up amazingly. It’s a high-quality bag and still in great shape after all these years.” 

While it’s seen some changes since Kevin first bought it, the Series 1 Medium Expandable Knack Pack® in Savile Gray remains our top seller year after year. To learn more, click here

Stories From Our Knackpackers

Knackpackers love to share stories about how their Knack has made commuting and travel easier for them. It wouldn’t be fair to keep some of these great stories all to ourselves, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorites to share with you.


This Bag Literally Saved My Life

“I bought one of these bags and this bag literally saved my life when I was hit by a car in New York City. The amount of stuff I was able to have in my bag helped it have the weight for me to stay on top of the vehicle instead of going under and when I was launched from the car's hood it broke my fall and I didn’t get any upper body or head injuries. Also the bag is sturdy enough that none of my electronics were broken. Without this bag I would probably have gone under the car and be dead.” 

-Chef Jesse, NYC

My Magic Backpack

“Truth be told, I bought this backpack because it was small enough to fit the very restricted United Airlines personal item size. For a weekend trip I packed three outfits, a small jacket, and a pair of shoes! Not only did it all fit but I happened to buy two hardback books and a full bottle of bourbon on my way home and IT STILL FIT. It is now my Magic Backpack because I have no idea how it all fit. It is stylish and very user friendly. I actually use all of the pockets, unlike a lot of backpacks I’ve had before. Its design is very well thought out. This is my second one and I recommend the brand to everyone. Also, the customer service with this company is so prompt and helpful.”

-Hope, TX 

I Was The Most Stylish Climber On The Mountain

"I was traveling in Europe for a week of work and pleasure when I had the opportunity pop-up to climb Mont Blanc. The group I was with provided the climbing gear I needed, but I wanted a personal pack to carry some food, water and other things. I had brought my leather Knack Pack with me and thought, "Why Not?". It held up great and I was the most stylish climber on the mountain that day."

-Paul, Boston

Follow along on Instagram for more Knackpacker stories and inspiration. If you have a great Knack Pack story or adventure you’d like to share, email us at support@knackbags.com.

Then And Now

Let’s wrap up our Anniversary reflections with a few words from our founders:

Knack Bags cofounders

We make life’s journeys simpler

"We launched Knack with two patent-pending backpacks designed to help you easily go from work to play and back again with just one bag. While we still sell versions of those two backpacks, today, Knack is so much more. From slings to shoe bags to our new duffel, we’ve created a universe of expandable, multi-function products that make life’s journeys simpler. And we are still passionate about One Bag Life. As someone who loves to travel because of the relationships I've made and the things I've experienced, I firmly believe that if Knack gets you out your front door more often because our bags make it less of a hassle, then you, your community and your world will be richer."

-Chad Mellen, Founder


I love that we are creating something so versatile

“The biggest surprise to me since launching the company (aside from a pandemic shutting down the world for two years) is how Knackpackers utilize their Knack Packs. When we launched Knack, we thought most of our community would be business travelers. While that remains a large portion, people are using the bag in many different and dynamic ways. From a gym bag, diaper bag or winemaker's daily carry (yes, it's a great way to carry wine) to an Olympic athlete using the expandable compartment to hold nut butter jars. I love that we are creating something so versatile that really does replace two bags of any kind. I’m also very proud of how many Knackpackers have made Knack Packs their favorite go-to gift for any occasion.”

-Keith Bristol, Chief Digital Officer

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