Going to Dallas on Business? 4 Sights Not to Miss

We designed the Knack Backpack to be the best backpack for business travelers, easily going from a professional everyday commuting bag to a carry-on backpack for travel.

As Knackpackers travel for work, many also like to take some “tourist time” after a day of meetings or extend their trip over the weekend to explore a new city.

Seeing this love of adventure, the Knack Team thought it would be a great idea to share our recommendations of things to do when visiting different cities.

A guide for restaurants and sights to see while on a business trip to Dallas, Texas.

Guide to Dallas, Texas

We’re a 100% remote company, so over the next few months we’ll share recommendations for visiting places all over the USA – and a few other cities.  You can read our recommendations for Portland, OR, and Providence, RI!

Today, Knack marketing manager, Melody Taylor, shares her recommendations for making the most out of a business trip to Dallas, Texas.

Our favorite spots in downtown Dallas for business travelers

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Dallas, Texas

Dallas has a lot of great hotels, and there are two that really stand out:

The Joule in downtown Dallas is historic and gorgeous. It’s still worth visiting even if you’re not a guest!  You can visit the quirky cowboy bar downstairs or book a fancy teatime in the expansive lobby. Totally weird. Totally Dallas.

Luxury hotel for business travel in Dallas, Texas

My second favorite is The Magnolia, which is also downtown.  This hotel definitely a crowd favorite. My boyfriend’s parents stayed there anytime they visited from the UK! 

Unique luxury hotel in Dallas, Texas

Recommended Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

There are a plethora of restaurants in Dallas to try, and here are a few of my favorites – along with what to order.

Barbecue in Texas

When in Texas, you HAVE to have barbecue. My favorite is Lockhart in Bishop Arts. There’s nothing like a cold beer and smoked meat sitting by the window people watching. You’ll have to wait in a decent line, but oh is it worth it. And get the pulled pork! Trust me.

Where to eat in Dallas, Texas 

Best Burger in Dallas

Ye Ole Butcher Shop (technically in Plano) is probably the best burger you’ll ever have - at least in the metroplex! A small mom-and-pop butcher shop, you can get exotic meats, or stick with the beef like I do. Tender, flavorful...is it lunchtime yet?

Restaurant guide to Dallas, Texas

Southern Mac & Cheese FTW

Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum has been all over Food Network, and for good reason! (Spot the signed poster from Guy Fieri!) Their brisket, mac-and-cheese, and fried okra are at the top of the list for me. Get there early and prepare yourself for a long line because when they’re out, they’re out!

Best Mac & Cheese in the Dallas, Texas, area

Looking for Tex Mex in Dallas?

There’s no shortage of Tex-Mex in Dallas so fill up on chips and salsa while you’re there. Two of my all-time favorites are Pepe’s Y Mitos in Deep Ellum and Frankie’s in Garland

Best Coffee Shops for Meetings

Hands down Houndstooth is the best place to work (and has the best coffee, IMO.) There are a few locations now, but my favorite is in Knox-Henderson. If you get there early enough you can snag a donut from Glazed Donut Works! (Also my favorite donuts ever.)

Best coffee shop for a business meeting in Dallas, Texas

Staying for The Weekend in Dallas?

It may be cliché, but take a ride up Reunion Tower, AKA, The Ball. You’ll get a 360-degree view of the entire metroplex! Be sure to stay till sunset - the views are absolutely unreal. There is nothing like a Texas sky.

Also, if you’re a history buff, see Dealey Plaza! It’s pretty sobering standing in the exact spot where JFK was assassinated. Be sure to visit the Sixth Floor Museum there, too. 

Tourist sights for business travelers in Dallas

Great Outdoors - Activities in Dallas

Extending your business trip over the weekend?  White Rock Lake has so much to do. Kayak, paddle board, even bring your dogs to the splash park! There are trails all around the lake, too, if water isn’t your thing.

My favorite place to hike in Dallas is at the Trinity River Audubon Center. You’d never know there were high rises and a city center 20 minutes away! You can even bring your horse out there to ride.

Outdoor activities in Dallas, TX

Using My Knack Pack

I have the Medium Knack Business Backpack in Sangria Red, and it’s a great everyday carry backpack. I recently took the train downtown to work for the day and could not believe how comfortable it was to carry, thanks to those padded straps!

Padded straps for business travel backpack

I was in the city for a total of eight or so hours; walking from the parking lot to the train, standing on the train for twelve stops, walking from the train to a coffee shop, setting up to work, walking twenty minutes to and back from the local aquarium for a break, walking through said aquarium for an hour, and then taking the train home! All while carrying my 15” laptop, a Nintendo Switch (in case the itch for a gaming break hit), a makeup bag, papers, a journal, and a load of other miscellaneous items I never needed. 

You never know when that Crate and Barrel catalog from August 2019 will come in handy. 

My favorite pocket has got to be the top sunglasses pocket. Although I didn’t use it for sunglasses that day, it came in handy for my AirPods, iPhone, and a charging cord - all at my fingertips! I also have to give a shout out to that water bottle pocket. After picking up a bottle of water at the nearest Whole Foods, I commandeered my boyfriend to fit it into the side zip pocket. It zipped closed and I think we were both a little surprised! 

Organized business travel backpack

Thank you for reading!

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