Best Lightweight Laptop Backpack That's Multi-Purpose

When looking for a backpack online, it’s easy to be confused by sizes, dimensions and capacities. But the one thing we all can agree on is that lighter is better!  While no one wants a heavy backpack, we all want lots of features (like pockets, compartments, luggage pass-through, etc) that make it easy to stay organized.

Today, we’re sharing why we think that the Knack Pack is a great laptop backpack for people who want a lighter weight bag that combines great function with professional styling. But there’s no need to solely take our word for it: we’ve also included reviews from Knackpackers who have put their Knack Packs to the test and love its weight and function.

Medium Knack Pack as a lightweight backpack

Replace Multiple Bags with One!

The number one way that a Knack Pack makes your load lighter is by reducing the number of bags you need to carry every day.  Modern life is pretty busy, and people find themselves schlepping gym bags, work bags, a bag for errands, a bag for their kids, etc. all at the same time!  A lightweight backpack is great, but it’s not very useful if you have to carry a lightweight bag plus 2-3 other bags.

The Knack Pack was specifically designed to solve this problem, with features to help you live a #OneBagLife. The Knack Pack’s patent-pending expandable Luggage Compartment lets you expand your bag to fit more stuff, instead of grabbing another bag!  The Everyday Compartments keep you organized, so you don’t lose time by having to switch the things you carry all the time from one bag to another.

Best lightweight backpack for commuters

Recently, Jade Boyd shared a review of her Medium Knack Pack on Instagram and talked about how she replaced a bunch of heavy bags with her Knack Pack.  Jade is a professional branding photographer in Iowa, who helps “women confidently grow their personal brands and create real connections with dream clients.”

“I didn't have a bag that could safely carry my laptop and all of my travel accessories! Then I had to pack for a working weekend doing mini branding sessions at Burnett Cottage, and I was even more annoyed by my bags!

[...] I have really loved using this bag! As a photographer, my 15" MacBook goes with me everywhere, and this bag has plenty of space and padding to keep it safe. It's so spacious for how small it is. I just used it to pack for a sister's weekend and it fit everything I needed for a night away with room to spare.

And the best part is that I'm able to get rid of two other bags, since this one covers all my bases. 🤗”

best lightweight backpack for photographers.jpg

Being a photographer means that Jade finds herself working from a lot of different places.  Thanks to her Knack Pack, she can pack one bag (insead of 3+!) for photoshoots, and she can bring her laptop to answer emails and edit photos!

Jade is carrying the Medium Series 1 Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Best Lightweight Backpack for Remote Work

Many Knackpackers made the switch to remote work in 2020, but they’re not staying on the couch!  Knackpackers found themselves working from just about anywhere, from their backyard to the front seat of a car while taking a roadtrip to a National Park! And, as the world opens back up again, we’re hearing from Knackpackers that they’re beginning to spend a few days commuting to their old offices.

Best lightweight backpack for working part time in the office

Sanjana is one example of someone who wanted a lightweight backpack to pack her mobile office so she could travel between workspaces.  Here’s what the software engineer had to say about her Medium Knack Pack:

“This bag is really helpful in having numerous compartments to hold many items. The medium size bag is able to fit my big, 15-inch work laptop, without feeling heavy as I carry it. I am grateful that this bag can help me as I start to commute more to other places in my house besides my bedroom to try and get work done in a more ergonometric way! Also, I am excited to one day take this backpack with me to work.”

Sanjana is carrying the Medium Series 1 Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Work From The Park with the Knack Pack

Similarly to Sanjana, Knackpacker Jorge Cueto works in tech and wanted a lightweight backpack to carry his gear.  He recently posted a review of his Knack Pack from Dolores Park, sharing how he’s used it as a mobile worker:

review of Knack Pack backpack as remote worker

“I always get asked about it when I'm out and about, so I thought I'd share here: My @knackbags backpack has been the perfect companion for #WorkFromHome life for the past several months of the pandemic. The backpack is slim and lightweight for when I just need to bring my laptop and charger with me to work at a table outside, and it can also expand out to fit a large picnic blanket and a spare jacket and long sweatpants for when I want to work from Dolores Park during the week or do a picnic at the beach on the weekend and stay prepared for those infamously swift San Francisco temperature changes later in the afternoon. 

There are so many different pockets for just about everything I need to store - my glasses, my water bottle, my Kindle, my portable battery, my wireless speaker. I usually have trouble finding backpacks that fit me comfortably, but my Knack backpack feels light, comfortable, and easy on my back even when it's full. Definitely would recommend it if you've been looking for a new bag!”

Jorge is rocking a Medium Series 1 Knack Pack in Indigo Blue.

Lightweight Backpack for a Lunch-Time Workout

Packing for a workout can sometimes feel like more work than actually working out!  Taneeyah of New Jersey loves an outdoor workout, but needs a lightweight backpack to easily carry her stuff.
Review of Knack Pack for lunchtime workout

Here’s what she had to say about her Medium Knack Pack:  “[Knack] makes the perfect gym/workout bag!! Perfect space for storage and still very lightweight yet durable! I love this bag!!”

Taneeyah is a fashion blogger, and she’s worn her Knack Pack with a variety of outfits.  She’s easily gone from workout clothes to a full fashion forward outfit, her Knack Pack easily fitting in with each look.

Taneeyah is carrying the Medium Series 1 Knack Pack in Sangria Red.

Knack Pack Weight & Specifications

Okay, now that we’ve shared reviews, let’s talk about numbers, specifically, how much a Knack Pack weighs! 

Our most popular Knack Pack is our Series 1 Collection which comes in three sizes.  Below, we’ve shared the weight of each size:

  • Small Knack Pack:  2 pounds 4 ounces (similar to 2 Grande Coffees)
  • Medium Knack Pack:  2 pounds 11 ounces (Just a bit more than 2 Grande Coffees)
  • Large Knack Pack:  3 pounds 4 ounces (Just a bit more than 3 Grande Coffees)

Can you tell that the Knack Team is a little into coffee?  ;)

Review of lightweight backpack coffee

That covers the Series 1 specifications, but we’re not quite done yet!  In late 2020, we released the Series 2 Collection, a group of lightweight laptop backpacks with a sleek profile.

Keeping things simple, Series 2 is only available in a medium size.  It comes in two colors, with a small weight difference for each color.  

  • Series 2 Knack Pack in Storm Gray: 3 pounds 2 ounces (About 3 Grande Coffees)
  • Series 2 Knack Pack in Midnight Black:  3 pounds (About 3 Grande Coffees)

When holding the two bags in real life, you’ll see that there’s not a noticeable difference between the two.  Go with the color that you like best!

Note: Technically, the Knack Pack is NOT *THE* Lightest Weight Backpack

While there are a plethora of lightweight backpacks on the market, the Knack Pack is unique in that it replaces multiple bags and empowers you to be more organized.  So, technically, you can find lighter weight backpack options, but all of your stuff would be a jumbled mess inside of them and you’d have to carry multiple bags!  

Choosing The Right Lightweight Laptop Backpack for You!

The last step in our journey today is to select the right laptop backpack for you!  You know that you want a lightweight Knack Pack, but you’re not 100% sure which size to snag.

Most Knackpackers select their Knack Pack based on the size of their laptop, so we’ve shared those specs below.  Each Knack Pack is designed to be as ergonomic and lightweight as possible – while still protecting your laptop and other items!

  • Series 1 Small Knack Pack: 13” Laptop
  • Series 1 and 2 Medium Knack Pack:  15” Laptop
  • Series 1 Large Knack Pack:  17” Laptop

Not sure which bag is the right fit?  Send an email to with a bit about your life and what you want to carry in your backpack.  Our team will be happy to make a recommendation!

Lightweight laptop backpack

Hassle-Free Returns

At Knack, we’re confident that you’ll love your new lightweight laptop backpack! In fact, we’re so confident that we’ve made returns SUPER easy.  We want you to feel secure when you try out your laptop backpack, so we cover return shipping (within 30 days) if your Knack Pack doesn’t work out.  There’s no hidden restocking fee, just a fast and simple return process.

That said, we’re pretty sure you won’t be returning it!  Check out the Knack Pack options here, and feel free to drop a line with any questions to  We’ll respond ASAP!

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