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Here at Knack Bags, we’re passionate about partnering with content creators, like bloggers and influencers.  Social media has made it much easier for creatives to share their work with the world – and we love seeing their posts.

Since launching, we’ve found that these media makers really love the Knack Expandable Backpack, calling it the “Best Bag for Bloggers.”  Running a creative business takes a lot of work and planning, not to mention countless outfit changes! The Knack Pack helps creatives get out the door more quickly to create. Below, we’ve shared design feedback from tastemakers on what makes the Knack Backpack the perfect bag for influencers.

Lydia Hudgens - Fashion Photographer & Content Creator

Lydia is a leading street style fashion photographer, whose work has appeared in publications like Vogue and InStyle.  She’s the go-to photographer for many influencers in New York City, creating sharp urban images.  Lydia also models in photos for her feed, pushing the boundaries on fashion photography.

Says Lydia about her Knack Pack, “I used it during #NYFW & it was a lifesaver, allowing me to change on location while shooting both content & carry additional layers (needed during that snowstorm!) while outside documenting street style all week long. For photographers & influencers alike, I highly recommend.”

Bloggers can find it challenging to pack different outfits for photoshoots, struggling to carry suitcases or overstuffed bags.  The large Knack Backpack can fit 3-4 outfits (with shoes!) making packing for a photoshoot much easier. Bloggers can spend less time prepping for a shoot, and more time, you know, actually creating content.

Fashion photographer Lydia Hudgens with gray Knack Pack in New York City

Laura Gaskin - Fashion Blogger

Laura is based in Houston, and her feed is full of energetic and colorful images.  Says Laura, “I used to carry a huge suitcase when doing my weekly photoshoots, it was so uncomfortable! I wanted a backpack that could fit all my outfits... something practical and easy to carry- aaaand my dreams came true! Now I have my Knack Bags backpack and I love it! Would you have imagined that I have 4 whole outfits in it? Yeah, shoes and everything!✨Thank you Knack Bags for making my work so much easier!”

Laura doesn’t have to dig through her backseat to look for her next look – everything is housed in the expandable Knack Backpack suitcase compartment!

Laura Gaskin best backpack for bloggers the Knack Pack

Kyle Boen - Southern Lifestyle & Men's Fashion Blogger

Kyle is a lifestyle blogger from Tennessee, showing how living in the country can be #AestheticGoals.  Kyle used his Knack Pack to make it easier to work from coffee shops with his partner, Cameron. Says Kyle in a recent blog post, “We grab a hot cup of soup and work on our shots that we took the previous week. I really appreciate having a bag where I can find everything quickly – no more digging through multiple bags to find an SD card or charger.”

Kyle can also pack a couple of outfits in his medium Knack Backpack, making it easy to get photos while running other errands.

Souther lifestyle and fashion blogger with weekend carryon backpack

Amy West - Travel Blogger

“Travel is my lifestyle," Amy says, and her feed certainly makes us want to buy a ticket somewhere warm ASAP.

Amy found her perfect travel bag, allowing her to pack everything she needs without checking a bag.  “This one bag is big enough to fit what I need for a weekend trip, and has room for all my tech tools,” she says.   “It fits in the overhead compartment and is expandable too!”

When you travel frequently, the goal is to get out of the airport ASAP.  Thanks to her Knack Backpack, Amy doesn’t have to wait at Baggage Claim – and can get out of the airport to explore new locales much more quickly!

Amy West Travel Blogger with her Knack Backpack

We loved reading these reviews from content creators.  If you’re interested in sharing your experience as a Knackpacker with your following, be sure to sign up for our email list!  We’ll be launching an ambassador program later this year.

FTC Notice: These creators were sent bags for review.

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