Best Backpack for Big and Tall Professionals

Finding a backpack as a big and tall shopper can be a challenge.  Looking at professional backpacks online, it can be hard to determine what a backpack will look like on you.

Realizing this, the Knack Team sent out Knack Packs for review to different big and tall fashion bloggers.  These folks are leaders in big and tall reviews, sharing their experience (and helpful photos).  After the reviews, we’ve shared specific tips and info about which Knack Pack we recommend for big and tall Knackpackers: 

Big and Tall Backpack Recommendation

Ady Del Valle - Professional Big and Tall Model

Ady is a leader in multiple fashion spaces, both plus size fashion and big and tall fashion.  Ady has been featured in publications like Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, i-D and Nylon.  Here’s what Ady had to say about their Large Knack Pack:

“Been loving my Knack Pack! It’s been over a week and it’s been with me everywhere with my laptop and daily essentials while I’m running errands and Christmas shopping, also since I need to carry my laptop I can conveniently pull it out in the car for a quick work check in. Fun fact the bag converts and extends into a mini carryon bag for travel not only as an everyday bag.”

Best backpack for big and tall

Michael Stewart - Big and Tall Fashion Blogger

Michael covers “big guy fashion” on social media, and is based in California.  Here’s what he had to say about his Knack Pack:

I often have to travel with multiple bags to fit clothes, my lap top, chargers and more. With all the space in my Knack Pack backpack it’s easy to go home for the holidays with everything in one bag.”

Best backpack for big and tall men

DaVon - Plus Size Men’s Fashion Model

DaVon is a big and tall fashion creative from New Jersey, who is also a published model.  Here’s what DaVon had to say about his Medium Knack Pack:

So recently I've really gotten into bags. Not only to have as a fashionable accessory but to be able to use in the everyday lifestyle.

I'm so thrilled that Knack Bags sent me the Sangria Red Medium Expandable Knackpack. This bag is truly a game changer!! Its super light weight, it expands substantially the more items you may need to put in it, and the amount of storage and compartments is completely out of this world for an everyday carry backpack.

If you're in search of a super dope all around backpack that you can also travel with, I encourage you to check out the Knack Pack! They also come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your everyday and stylish needs!”

Best backpack for big and tall men

Best Backpack for Big & Tall Men

When it comes to finding the right big and tall backpack, we recommend looking first at the Large Knack Pack, which holds up to a 17” laptop.  If this seems a bit too roomy, then we’d recommend checking out the Series 2 Knack Pack, which has a sleek design and is a bit smaller.

Hassle-Free Returns

We’re so confident that you will love your Knack Pack expandable backpack, that we cover return shipping within 30 days.  Full details here.

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