American Field: Trying the Knack Pack In-Person

Knack HQ is in Rhode Island, so when the team at American Field reached out about Knack joining their Boston pop up event, we knew we had to be there.

About American Field

American Field hosts pop up events across the country (Austin, Brooklyn and Washington D.C. are next on their list) bringing together the “best emerging and innovative brands the Nation has to offer” in one place so people can meet the founders and experience their products.  

In addition to Knack, the Boston pop up had over 70 brands ranging from Women’s to Men’s apparel, home goods to fragrance, jewelry to stationary, and everything in between.

American Field Boston 2019

Knack at American Field Boston

This last weekend, members of the Knack team traveled to Boston for the pop up. This was the first time the Knack booth was used, and we had a great time setting up (okay, some of us did).  It was also the first time people got to buy a Knack Pack in-person.

Knack Team setting up the booth at American Field Pop Up in Boston

Trying the  Knack Pack In-Person

“American Field was a lot of fun,” shares Operations Manager, Rachel.  “We got to see people fall in love with the Knack Pack in-person, which was such a great experience.  We’re used to talking about the Knack Pack constantly, and it was great to hear the number of ‘Oh my gosh that's amazing!’ and ‘I can't believe it!’, and ‘That is such an awesome idea!’ comments we got. It really was fun.

New Knackpackers got to explore pockets, feel the high-quality fabrics and try on both the large and medium to see which they liked better.

The Knack Bags Booth at American Field Boston

Other High Quality Brands

“We were really busy at the Knack booth,” shares founder and CEO, Chad Mellen.  “However, during set-up and takedown we chatted with other new brands. I really enjoyed talking to other entrepreneurs about their passion for quality and just great products.  American Field did a great job curating the pop up.”

Adds Chad:  “We also had Knack Pack owners travel to the pop-up event specifically to meet with us and give us their feedback.  Hearing from Knackpackers, including one of the first people to buy a Knack last November, was really interesting and gratifying.”

Packing the Knack Pack

Where Should We Head to Next?

The Knack team had a great time in Boston, and we’re thinking we should visit other cities.  Where would you like to see Knack? Let us know in the comments!

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