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Here at Knack, we get excited about introducing Knackpackers to great companies who want to make the world a better place.  After Mission Meats co-founder, Peter Awad, sent photos of him using his Knack Backpack, we knew we had to share the story behind his cool company!


What is Mission Meats?

Mission Meats is a snack company, specializing in grass-fed meat snacks.  The company started with “Meat Sticks,” and eventually added jerky to their offering.  We spoke with Peter to understand his business ethos and how Mission Meats comes up with tasty new flavors.

Founding a New Company

“After reading Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, I knew that I wanted to found a mission-focused company.  Making money is great, but I wanted to have a larger impact on the world.”

Soon, the opportunity arrived.  Peter met Nick McCann, an expert in food distribution with a background in sustainable agriculture.  “I had done ecommerce work with Nick, and we decided to found Mission Meats together. We had both come up with the name ‘Mission Meats’ separately, and it seemed meant to be.”

Interview with co-founder of Mission Meats

The “Mission” in “Mission Meats”

Building a company that incorporates social good can be quite challenging, and Peter knew it was important to do it right.  There were two main areas the Mission Meats team made sure to focus on:

  • The Best Tasting Product:  “I want to win on flavor, period,” says Peter.  “If you’re looking for a clean product or for flavor - I want to win.  The social good initiatives are not the main selling points, they’re the icing on the cake.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people think of our non-profit partnerships if the product isn’t the best out there.”
  • Creating Lasting Change:  “We are very careful in the causes and orgs we partner with, because we want to create a net-positive change.  People can help themselves, but they sometimes need help to help themselves.”  Mission Meats partners with a variety of US-based and overseas organizations, focusing on both environmental and entrepreneurial focused organizations.

Snacks in the front pocket Knack Pack

The Meat Lab

The Knack team is made up of self-professed “bag nerds,” who love researching materials and testing new prototypes and designs. Analyzing different fabric weaves and treatments can leave one feeling a bit like a mad scientist, which is why all of us at Knack loved learning about the Mission Meats “Meat Lab.”

Peter’s co-founder, Nick, is in charge of flavor and production – working from the Meat Lab in Michigan.  Creating new flavors is a science, and Nick “uses incredible machines and equipment to come up with new flavors.”

Nick is currently putting the finishing touches on a “spicy jerky for people who like to burn their face off,” and also a top-secret new non-meat product line that will be announced in a couple of months.

Remote Work & Family Life

The Mission Meats team is 100% remote, and Peter works from home.  His 6 kids are homeschooled, so it can be challenging to get work done sometimes.  “Sometimes it’s not quiet when you need it to be quiet, but for the most part I’d say it’s a huge net positive.”

 Peter Awad and family traveling with Knack Packs


Peter has traveled all over with his family, at one point traveling for 2 consecutive years in an RV.  “The Knack Pack has been great, because it’s so versatile,” shares Peter.  “I’ve been able to easily transition from working on a laptop to getting outside with the kids.”  The expandable luggage compartment means the large Knack Pack easily goes from a business laptop bag to a carryon bag or daypack for summer family adventures.

Earlier this year, the Awad family (all 8 of them!) traveled for a month with only two carry-ons and 3 Knack Packs.  "When fully expanded (and packed to the gills) they still fit under the seat in front of you," says Peter.  "4 flights and not a single flight attendant has squawked about it. So no carry on fees either!"

Learn More about Mission Meats

You can learn more about Mission Meats here and order some tasty snacks (that would go great inside the front pocket of a Knack Pack!) here.

Are you a company that is doing business differently?  We’d love to collaborate!  Email suppor@knackbags.com to set up a giveaway or other partnership.

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