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UPDATE:  @/JoorJuli is the winner of this giveaway!  Be sure to join us on Instagram for future contests.

Hey Knackpackers!

One of our favorite things to talk about is the cool products we put inside of our Knack Pack backpacks.  We’re always on the lookout for new gadgets and gear that make living a #OneBagLife that much better.

This week, we’ve partnered with several great brands for a “Go Anywhere Giveaway.”   This giveaway features a set of products that make you ready for just about anything.  We’ve shared the list below, as well as background on all of these companies below that.  

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  • Knack Bags Medium Expanding Backpack = $175
  • TREW Pack Jacket = $159
  • Revant Optics Sunglasses = $155
  • Hestra Gloves = $65
  • Pair of Thieves Socks and Briefs = ~$120
  • Mission Meats Jerky= ~$60

For those of you who don’t enjoy mental math, this giveaway is for $700 worth of products that you’d actually use.

Knack Bags

If you’re reading this post, you likely know about Knack Bags.  But just in case, Knack Bags offers a collection of expandable backpacks designed to help people live a #OneBagLife.  We believe that making it easier to get out the door (to work, to the gym or to travel) means you can discover new places, meet new people, and enjoy all that’s around you.

Check out the range of Knack Backpacks.


Based in Portland, Oregon, this brand gets its name from its founders – Tripp and the Pew brothers. “TR+EW”.  TREW makes various types of clothing (including “snow bibs,” which are actually not for children), and uses NUYARN, a replacement for wool, in many of their products.

Learn more about TREW here.

Revant Optics Sunglasses

At Knack, we’re pretty passionate about high quality sunglasses (it’s why we designed a pocket especially for them!).  Revant Sunglasses was founded by Jason Bolt in 2010, focused on “ending eyewear obsolescence.”  As new technology becomes available, Revant customers can switch out their lenses and upgrade.

Find out more about how Revant designs eye protection here.

Hestra Gloves

Before finding Hestra, members of the Knack team were under the impression that there were about 2-3 different kinds of high end and luxury gloves.  Outdoor, driving, and... maybe a fancy set for butlers? Hestra turns that thinking on its head, offering 10 different types of gloves for the outdoors and sporting events, as well as over a dozen gloves with more of a fashion angle.

If you’re ready to upgrade your glove game, head over to the Hestra website.

Pair of Thieves

When we first found Pair of Thieves, we thought their socks were pretty cool.  But then we found the amount of design and engineering that went into their boxers and boxer briefs, and we were on our way to the checkout page.  

Click here for more info.

Mission Meats

Last, but never least, is Mission Meats.  This company makes gluten-free snacks for Keto and Paleo crowd, that have zero nitrates and nitrites.  They take business one step further, also including social good and impact in their business model.

Visit Mission Meats here.   

Future Knack Bags Giveaways?

Are you interested in seeing future giveaways featuring a Knack Pack?  Tag a company you’d love to see us partner with in the comments.

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