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Here at Knack, we’re all about using technology and life hacks to make more time for experiencing life.  Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite productivity Apps and life hacks to help you put your time and attention on what really matters in 2020.

What’s your favorite App?  Comment below with your recommendation!

Productivity hacks for 2020

Best 2020 Ever: Streaks App

All Knackpackers have big goals for 2020, and it’s critical to break those goals down into daily tasks. But sometimes it’s hard to remember to do those little tasks.

Enter the Streaks App!

This handy productivity app lets you track up to 12 daily tasks, and you can edit where/if you get reminders.  You can also change your frequency goal, going from once a day to 3x a week.

Productivity app for 2020

You can create tasks like:

  • Do 5 Pushups
  • Take Multivitamin
  • Comment on 3 LinkedIn Posts
  • Check bank account for activity
  • Practice Chinese
  • Make Bed

At the end of the month, you can look back over all of your tasks to see if you’re on track for your 2020 goals!

The Streaks App is $4.99 on the App Store, and it’s worth every penny.

Tracking Time in 2020: Focus Keeper App

Do you find yourself trying to multitask, even though you know it’s hurting your productivity?  We’ve been there!

Productivity hacks for business and entrepreneurs

The Knack Team loves using Focus Keeper to help us set aside a specific amount of time for a task or project, and it also reminds us to take a break!  As a team that works 100% remotely, it’s easy for us to work for 4+ hours without realizing it.

Download Focus Keeper here.

Systemizing Life in 2020: DocuSign Mobile App

The days where we printed and then scanned contracts are OVER – or they should be.  Use DocuSign to easily review and sign documents whether you’re on a business trip abroad or making the most of your commute.

Download the app here.

Docusign app review

Less Stress in 2020: Headspace Meditation App

We all know the benefits of daily meditation, but, well, we’re not always good at making time for it.  Headspace is a popular app that takes you through guided meditations, that are about 10 minutes long.

Meditation is shown to increase productivity and overall wellness, and members on our team have seen immediate benefits in their focus.  

Headspace is free for the first 10 days, and then you choose a plan.  Details here.

Meditation app for business professionals

Make Project Planning Easier: Toggl App

In business, it’s easy to under or overestimate time that tasks can take.  Toggl is a handy app that lets you easily track time spent on a project or regular to-do list item.  Toggl isn’t just for Knackpackers who have to track time as consultants or lawyers! People from all industries benefit from understanding how much time a task truly takes.

Download Toggl here.

Best Life Hacks for Business in 2020

We’re big fans of using technology to make life easier, but living a better life doesn’t only depend on your phone!  Below are a few of our favorite life hacks we use:

Put Items in the Same Knack Pack Pocket Everyday

One of the best ways to have an organized backpack (and day!) is by packing the same items in your Knack Pack pockets everyday.  Having an assigned spot for say, your phone, makes it easy to pack and doublecheck it’s there before heading out the door.

We shared what we put in each Knack Pack pocket in this blog post.

Organizing your backpack tips

Eat Your Frog First Thing in the Morning

No, we’re not eating actual frogs!  This phrase was popularized by Brian Tracy, and the idea is to “eat a frog” or do the #1 most important or stressful task first thing in the morning – that one task that you’d otherwise procrastinate on, because you really don’t want to do it.  Doing the thing that you really want to avoid will help give you momentum for the rest of the day, and it also means that you can end your day knowing  you got the most important thing done.

Eat the frog

Looking Forward to 2020

We’re excited to see what 2020 holds!  Be sure to join us on Instagram to learn about new product launches and opportunities for Knackpackers.

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