knack fabric

What does water-resistant mean? can i wear my knack pack in the rain?

We construct our Knack bags with a water-resistant fabric and a reverse-coil zipper to keep your stuff dry during light rain or brief rain showers. Neither the backpacks nor the packing cubes are waterproof, so please don’t jump in the pool or go white water rafting with your Knack bag!

how is the knack backpack fabric made

We are firm believers in quality and have designed every detail of our expandable laptop backpacks with care, including our own custom-designed body fabric. The fabric is woven with two different colors of strong, lightweight 1200 denier polyester yarn. We then apply a polyurethane undercoating to make the fabric more resilient against rips, tears and stains, as well as to make it water-resistant. At the very end of the process, we coat the exterior of the fabric with a light wax to give your backpack a softer hand and resistance to dust and dirt.

the knack pack fabric seems kind of light. does it really hold up to wear and tear?

Yes! Bigger is not always better or, in this case, heavier does not mean sturdier. To make our dual everyday and travel bags both lightweight and durable, we custom-designed our fabric using lightweight 1200 denier polyester yarn in the weave. We then apply a polyurethane undercoating to make the fabric more resilient against rips and tears. Both our fabric and our Knack Packs have easily passed all industry-accepted testing standards for abrasion. Knack bags have been shipping for over a year now, and we have not had one single report of a fabric rip or tear.

how do i clean the outside of my knack bag if it gets dirty?

The Knack fabric is very durable and dirt-resistant. You should clean your Knack laptop backpack or cube using a damp cloth. Do not machine wash your Knack bag, as that would remove the coating that helps give it strength, resilience, and water-resistance.

Is it safe to spray the outside of the Fabric Knack Packs with alcohol?

Yes. Our fabric Knack Packs can be sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol for some extra clean. Spray lightly so after 30 seconds the spray has evaporated and your bag is good to go. Do not use isopropyl alcohol on our Leather Knack Packs.

The leather knack pack i bought is gorgeous! how do i keep it looking this way?

It’s easy to keep your leather bag looking its best. Dirt can be removed by wiping the surface with a damp cloth, cleaners or solvents are not recommended. Due to the natural attributes of napa leather, spills won’t lead to stains if they are wiped off immediately. You can also apply a dubbin product to keep the leather conditioned and like new. Please read and follow the instructions included with the dubbin product in regards to application and use.

is my leather knack Pack water resistant?

No. We have not applied any waterproof treatment to the leather Knack Pack. Depending on the weather in your area, you may want to treat your Knack Pack with a dubbin product to make it water resistant (it also helps to condition and protect the leather). Please read and follow the instructions included with the dubbin product in regards to application and use.

how can i clean a spil on the inside (lining) of my knack pack?

The good news is that you can use detergent on our liner fabric. Our advice is to wipe the lining with a damp cloth. Then take a clean damp cloth and put a little bit of dishwashing detergent (Dawn, Palmolive, etc.) on the cloth and wipe over the spill. Then wipe/blot with damp cloth. Continue this process until the lining is clean and no longer feels sticky or soapy. If you don’t have time to let it air dry, you can use a hair dryer (but don’t leave the hair dryer unattended).

do knack pack protect my credit cards from remote reading?

Yes; rest assured that your passport and credit cards are safe. Place them in the front triangle pocket and our RFID blocking fabric protects your RFID chip cards and passport from unwanted skimming.

if i use the small knack pack as a gym bag, is my whole bag going to smell like a gym?

Thankfully no. The Knack team is made up of runners, golfers, hockey players, volleyball players, tennis players (unfortunately, with a lousy backhand), and just plain old gym rats. We saw (or smelled…) this problem coming, so we made the Knack Pack lining out of anti-microbial fabric. This treatment inhibits the growth of mold and mildew in all the lined compartments (and mold and mildew is what causes “gym bag smell”). So go ahead, work out, stow your gym stuff, and head to your meeting - knowing you can open your Knack Pack without offending the noses closest to you.