The Best Professional Backpack for Teachers | Update from Robert!

Early last year, we interviewed Robert Martin-Sullivan, a high school math teacher, for the One Bag Blog.

Robert’s review of his Medium Knack Pack caught our attention, and we interviewed him about being a new dad, passionate educator and his busy schedule.  Robert told us all about how his Knack Pack is the perfect backpack, easily going from a professional setting to family trips – to even working as a diaper bag!

The world has seen some changes since 2019, so we connected with Robert to learn how his Knack has helped him adapt to these changes.

Robert and his famil

My Wife “Steals” My Knack Pack

“My wife and my daughter have absconded with the Knack Packs!” shared Robert, while chuckling a little bit.  “I originally bought the Medium Sized Knack Pack, and we then added the Large Knack Backpack.”

Robert’s wife, Michelle, snags the Medium Knack Pack when packing for a day trip, and the couple uses the Large Knack Pack as a diaper bag.  “I’m glad my wife, Michelle, is getting the Medium Knack Pack in Sangria Red, because I want mine bag back!”Large Knack Pack with Laptop

Pre-COVID: Traveling as a family with a Knack Pack Diaper Bag

“Late last year, we traveled to Europe to visit family.  We actually took Mae, our daughter, with us on this trip.  Traveling internationally with a baby can be challenging, but the Knack Pack makes it super easy.”

Robert and Michelle put all of Mae’s essentials in the front pocket, like a diaper and small bag of wipes.  They packed the expandable luggage compartment with her clothes and blankets.  The main compartment holds bottles, toys, etc.  Depending on the trip, Robert and Michelle slip their phones in the top pocket when they need to change a diaper or find a toy, making it easy for them to keep track of their electronics while traveling with their baby.

Robert and his daughter

Working Remotely as Teachers During COVID-19

When Robert was in the classroom in-person, he easily organized papers to grade, his lunch, tech and other items in his Knack Pack.  “I kept the luggage compartment shut,” he shares, “and I’d expand my Knack Pack during finals when I needed to pack up a few hundred papers!”

Organized backpack for teachers

Robert and Michelle both worked from home during April and May, teaching classes and holding office hours for their high school students from home.  Working remotely with a baby at home can be a challenge, especially if multiple people are getting on Zoom calls!

How did Robert and Michelle manage it?  “We coordinated schedules, so that our office hours didn’t overlap.  We figured out a schedule that works for us, and thankfully we have pretty good WiFi at home!”

Michelle with her Medium Knack Pack

Family Activities During Social Distancing

“We live in the mountains, so we regularly go on day trips outside.  The Knack Pack is a great bag, because we can pack food, our phones and other items that Mae needs,” shared Robert.

In addition to spending more time outside, Robert and Michelle have undertaken a few home improvement projects. “I think we’ve painted every room in our house at this point!” he joked.

Professional backpack for teachers

Career Transition to Education Nonprofits

The current environment has brought other changes as well.  Both Robert and Michelle decided to shift their careers, going to work for different education nonprofits in the area.

Michelle works for an education non-profit that focuses on teacher training and certifications, which will require a good amount of travel.  She’s excited to be using her Medium Knack Pack to pack for short overnight trips, and keep her tech organized once she starts traveling.

Robert is starting a new position this summer, and will be working remotely.  Robert’s Loden Green Knack will help him transition from working from his backyard to taking day trips with his family, allowing him to easily pack away his laptop and work items to spend time with his family in the evenings.  

Professional backpack for teachers

Overall Review of the Knack Pack for Teachers?

“The Knack Pack is basically everything that’s advertised,” shared Robert.  “It’s professional, so you can wear it with a suit and tie at a teacher conference or professional development event.  It’s also adaptable.  I’ve taken it to workout, used it as a diaper bag, and I’ve also used it to run errands.  It’s great to have a bag where I know where everything is, and I can just go out and do the things I want to do!”

Robert and Michelle both have the Medium Knack Pack, and Mae “uses” a Large Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

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