The Best Backpack for Day Trips

Last year, us travel lovers didn’t go to the airport nearly as much (or at all), sticking to day trips that were reachable with a short drive. Seeing this, we sent out a few Knack Packs for review, and people shared how much easier having a Knack Pack made their day trip, from being able to work from the road – shoutout to WiFi hotspots – to being more organized when they arrived.

Today, we wanted to share just a few of those reviews, showcasing how the Knack Pack is a backpack that makes it easier to get out the door – and pack more lightly when you’re out there.

Packing cubes for road trip

Packing for a Road Trip & Working from Home

Liz is a marketing professional who works from home, who loves taking long car rides and day trips. Packing the car is so much easier with just one bag!  Here’s what they had to say about using their Knack Pack as both a laptop backpack and a travel bag:

“I love this bag because it's comfortable, light, and ....drumroll has so many POCKETS. I feel like each pocket lets me maximize its space and capacity. And it's so accessible during a road trip where I might need to reach over and grab some hand sanitizer, a mask, or quarters for tolls.

I especially love the padded laptop sleeve because I've had accidents happen before to laptops that weren't properly protected while traveling. The secure sleeve sits right on my back and provides the perfect security to keep my mac in place until I need it. This bag is a ~must~ for anyone currently, or planning to work from home!”

Liz is pictured with a Medium Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Liz Brinks review of Knack Pack Backpack for day trip

Weekend Wine Tasting with the Knack Pack

Lydia is a professional violinist who also loves wine.  Recently, she took her Knack Pack on a weekend wine tasting trip – as well as to the beach.

Here’s what Lydia had to say about her Knack Pack:

“Wine, beach, ocean, love, and my everyday bag: what else can someone ask? Didn't I tell you guys that I take my #onebaglife from Knack with me every day, every time? Last weekend I traveled to San Diego, and we decided to do a wine tasting picnic on the beach next to the ocean. This everyday bag made my life so easy. I carried my wine bottle, my jacket, and everything I need. Bonus: It fits great with any outfit you decide to wear.”

Here, Lydia is photographed with her Medium Knack Pack in Sangria Red.

Review of Knack Pack for day trip

Family Day Trip & Road Trip

Rhys is a proud dad of two in Los Angeles, who recently used his laptop bag to take a family day trip.  Here’s what he had to say about his backpack

“THE MULTI-PURPOSE BAG AND THE MULTI-PURPOSE MAN: My travel carry-on, laptop bag and daddy-sack were minding their own business till this gem from @knackbags arrived. The other three are nesting inside each other somewhere in the closet, gathering dust I’d assume.

Knack’s Medium Expandable (Pictured in Sangria Red) moves with me from writer to wanderer, housing my beefy 15” laptop and all the snacks, swimsuits, electronics and action figures a father needs handy when out with his little. I’m truly impressed by the functionality and construction of this bag.”

Rhys is rocking a Medium Knack Pack in Sangria Red.

Best backpack for day trip

The Perfect Day Trip Backpack

Not to brag (okay, we’ll brag a little), the Knack Pack is the best backpack for a day trip.  The separate compartments will keep everything organized, from your snacks to your camera.  The expandable luggage compartment means that you’ll be able to pack additional items, like a jacket or a picnic blanket, while keeping everything in just one bag.

It kind of ruins the point of a day trip if you have to pack and organize multiple bags like you’re going to be gone for a week! ;)

The Knack Pack is available in a variety of sizes and colors, making it the perfect backpack for a variety of heights and activities.  Curious about which Knack Pack is right for you?  Check out this page with advice on which one to get!

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