Olympic Hopeful and Knack Backpacks - Part 2

I got my medium sized Expandable Knack backpack over three weeks ago and in the weeks since I got it, I’ve been really surprised by how much I use it and enjoy it. 

In my first weekend with it, I traveled up to Princeton for a rowing competition. The backpack held the change of clothes I needed, as well as snacks, tools, and water bottle - all without breaking into its expandability.

Expandable Medium Knack Pack

The next week, I headed out to help a friend fix up their car, and after packing a day’s change of clothes into the bag and a laptop, I delved into the Knack’s expandable compartment to hold a full complement of tools, paint, body filler, and protective equipment.

Knack Pack Expandable Packing Section

The following weekend, I was able to stop by the grocery store on the way home from a rowing practice, and once again expanded the Knack to fit my groceries in, alongside, but separate from, everything else.

It's only been three weeks, but my Knack has proven to be a great backpack.

Luke Rein

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