Knack Packs Spotted around the World

Wow, 2018 was a great year for Knack Bags!  We shipped our first expandable laptop backpack on November 5th, and Knack Packs have been spotted around the world since.

The Knack Pack™ was specifically designed for the #OneBagLife, making it perfect for use as a laptop bag during the workweek – as well as a carry-on travel bag for weekend or longer trips.

Leah in Venice, Italy

We first met Leah when we spent a day on-location with her for product shots.   Since getting her Knack Pack, Leah has traveled around the world with it.  Leah is a full-time photographer, frequently traveling with her gear.  She recently sent in these pictures from her trip to Italy, using her expanding laptop Knack Pack for international travel.

Traveling photographer Leah Trib using her Knack Bag in Venice, Italy


Rohn in Hawaii

Rohn is an adventurous hiker, who needed a smart laptop backpack to carry his tech products around the Big Island.  From the airplane to a remote part of the island, Rohn was able to use one bag (his Knack Pack) to get there!

Rohn using his Knack Bag to hike around the Honolulu


Heidi in The Caribbean

Heidi took her black Knack Pack to Curaçao, for a dive trip. She loved how easily it fit under her seat, saying, “Fit perfectly under the airplane seat. The design is so amazing and functional!”

Black Knack Pack used for diving trip in The Caribbean


Sheri in Block Island, RI

Sheri used her Knack Pack for a weekend on the beach.  For weekend trips, Sheri is used to carrying multiple bags – and was originally planning on using a tote bag for her weekend getaway. She was a little dubious that all of her things would fit in one backpack.  Says Sheri, “At first, I thought, ‘No way is my stuff going to fit.’ Granted, I knew it expanded. I knew about all of the pockets. But I had this huge sack of clothes plus my laptop and stuff for the beach and a big raincoat and umbrella.”

And, of course, it all fit!  Sheri was able to use the expandable luggage compartment for her clothes, and then compress the expandable section when she didn’t need it.

Sheri using her gray Knack Pack as her one bag for a weekend getaway


Deb in Dublin

Deb and her daughter, Molly, visited Ireland recently. It was a short trip to the Cliffs of Mohr (pictured), and they didn’t want to deal with checked bags.  Thanks to the suitcase compartment in their medium green Knack Packs, they didn’t have to!

Green Knack Pack used for packing light on an international trip to Ireland


Hayley in Paris

Hayley used her large Knack Pack as a carry-on backpack for a recent trip to Paris.  Hayley raved about her bag, saying, “It has SO many compartments and a HUGE back section that fit a ton of clothes, makeup and shoes!”

Hayley using her Knack Back as a carry-on bag for a long flight to Paris


John in Shanghai

John frequently travels internationally, and needs a laptop bag that is both professional and stylish.  He recently went to Shanghai, China, and carried his work materials around in his black Knack Pack

Black Knack Pack used as a professional business and laptop bog in Shanghai


Talya in Big Sur

Talya is currently pursuing a PhD at MIT, and took her Knack Pack with her on vacation to Big Sur, California.  Being able to pack her laptop for schoolwork, as well as clothes for the trip was a game changer!

Knack Pack used as only bag for trip to Big Sur, California

Daniel on the Pacific Coast Highway

Daniel recently took his large Knack Pack with him on a trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, in California.  He was able to pack schoolwork, as well as his clothes for the trip.  Daniel’s 6’8”, and he was stoked to be able to pack everything he needed in one bag!

College student using green Knack Pack on a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway


Brian in New Zealand

Brian is a consultant who recently visited New Zealand with his family. His Knack Pack helped him cut down on luggage considerably, making it easier to travel with his guitar.

Brian carrying a guitar and his large Knack Pack on a recent family vacation to New Zealand


Kate in Iceland

Kate recently went on a trip with her family to Iceland.  She refers to her Knack Pack as the “magic backpack,” because of how the packing compartment disappears and re-appears depending on whether she was carrying it on a plane or exploring the Icelandic countryside.

Kate using her bag as a carry-on and as a pack for hacking in Iceland


Corey and Bill in Costa Rica

Corey and Bill recently took a family trip to Costa Rica. They packed their clothing, as well as electronics like their laptops and headphones in their Knack Packs, making their trip much easier (and enjoyable).   

Corey and Bill packed light using their Knack Packs for a father and son bonding trip to Costa Rica


Connor in Vietnam

Connor is a fashion photographer, who lives in Brooklyn and travels the world for photoshoots.  He just got back from Southeast Asia, where he worked and played while using his Knack Pack as his primary bag for traveling.

Connor using his Knack Pack to travel all over Asia as a professional photographer

Kevin in Antarctica

Kevin used his Knack Pack to travel to Antarctica with his family, having received it as a gift from his brother-in-law.  We loved this awe-inspiring picture, taken just off the coast!

Kevin taking a break from the startup world to visit Antarctica with his Knack Pack

Where Will You Go in 2019?

The Knack Bags team loved seeing these travel pictures from around the world – and we’d love to see yours!  If you have picture with your Knack Pack, please send it to to be featured in future posts (or tag @KnackBags!).


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