Knack Notes for Valentine's Day

Opinions on Valentine’s Day vary dramatically.  Some people think of Valentine’s Day as a convenient way to get discounted candy on February 15, others view it as the most romantic day of the year.

Recently, Rachel, a Knack Bags team member, found a way to incorporate romance into the everyday using her Knack Pack™ - just in time for Valentine’s Day.  “I’ve always liked to put notes in my husband’s bag,” she says. “It’s a nice reminder, and it’s a fun surprise for him.”

However, in the past those notes have had a tendency to get lost.  “A lot of bags haven’t had a good pocket to put the notes in,” she says.  “Sometimes they get lost or pushed to the bottom of the bag.”

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The mesh pocket is the perfect place to leave notes.  “You can see through the mesh, which means that the other person will see it!”  

Rachel also leaves notes in the interior pockets, or the front triangle pocket – just to keep him guessing!

Love Notes in a Knack Pack -  Travel with your family using a backpack that you can carryon the plane

And, remember! While Rachel uses Valentine’s Day cards, sticky notes work just as well.

Do you leave notes for your loved ones?  We’d love to see! Share a picture of your note in a Knack Pack on social media, and tag @KnackBags.  We’ll be sure to share the love!

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