How To Use Packing Cubes In A Backpack

Although we haven’t been able to do much traveling over the past year (thanks, Covid), once we start, we’ll be making liberal use of our Knack compression packing cubes as part of our packing strategy. So this week, we’re rounding up Knackpacker reviews to uncover how they use their Knack compression cubes to pack for travel and for everyday use. 

Travel packing cube for backpack

What are Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes address the two key elements of an outstanding packing job -  space and organization. Because Knack's compression packing cubes can compress by over 60% of their expanded size, Knackpackers can fit more in the travel compartment of their Knacks. And for travel, in particular, Knack compression packing cubes have some notable benefits: 

They let you pack, unpack, and repack quickly. Packing cubes are like drawers for your backpack. You can pack them at home, and pull them out at your destination with all of your clothes and belongings already sorted. Similarly, the Knack Packing Insert (which fits perfectly in a Medium Knack Backpack) lets you transfer all the contents of your pack to a drawer. This makes for a speedy transition of your Knack from a travel bag back to a day bag. 

“The separate expandable compartment is great because once I toss my packing cubes into the hotel drawer or glamping tent, the bag compresses down into a much more manageable and maneuverable 30L daily carry bag for souvenir shopping.” - Calvin L. 

They make for effortless organization. Travel packing cubes give everything a place so that nothing gets lost in your backpack. By putting similar items in each cube, you know exactly where everything is in your backpack at all times and better yet, you don’t have to pull everything out of your bag just to find one item. 

Of course, packing compression cubes are also used to pack your Knack for daily use. At Knack, we use cubes to keep the chargers, batteries, USBs and other accessories of daily life together, so that they’re ready to throw into our Knack when we head out. Some Knackpackers use packing cubes to store baby supplies like diapers and bottles, while others have used them to store all of the little SD cards and lenses for photography equipment.

Knack's travel packing cubes come in Medium and Large sizes. And to make sure that you pick the most fitting combinations of packing cubes, we’ve developed packing cube bundles for Small, Medium, and Large Knacks. A packing insert - which fills the expandable compartment -  is also available for Medium and Large Knacks.

How to pack with packing cubes

What do Knackpackers Like Most About Knack Compression Travel Packing Cubes?

Knack compression cubes have extraordinary compression. 

“They compress down very well and still leave you room in your bag for other items.” - Trent B.

What’s the secret to a 60% compression ratio? Knack’s compression cubes are deep enough to hold a substantial amount of clothes and other belongings, but the YKK compression zipper with easy-grip cord pullers makes the packing cube surprisingly easy to compress. 

Compress is very good. These compress to the extent that it will not even fill up a Large Knack pack. You still have enough room to put a couple of light jackets and a pair of pants on top” - Michael S. 

Quality is built into Knack's packing cubes. 

Quality product seldom seen. Lightweight but very sturdy compacting that makes packing a breeze. Have had cheap ones in the past but these top them all in ease of use and organization.” - Thomas M.

Made from featherweight, yet strong ripstop nylon fabric, Knack packing compression packing cubes are extremely lightweight yet durable. For breathability - and so that you can find your things easily - the cube tops feature robust nylon mesh triangles.

“You must order the Knack Cubes. You must. These Cubes are lighter than air and as strong as can be.” - John O.

Knack's packing cubes actually fit your Knack.

“Fantastic quality, and the perfect fit in the expandable area. A great way to keep everything organized in your #onebaglife.” - Jon L. 

To make the most of the space in your backpack, packing cubes should fit your bag like a glove. If they’re too small, then your belongings get jumbled around and if they’re too big, then they simply aren’t usable. But we designed our Knack packing cubes for the Knack so that no space goes to waste - especially when you use a Knack packing cube bundle. 

“Excellent quality, tailored to perfectly fit the suitcase compartment of the Knack Pack. I had enough clothes for 5 days, which really is forever if you wash them!” - Marc E.

Tips for Using your Packing Cubes

Put similar items in each packing cube.

For example, use one compression cube for tops, and another for bottoms. When you get to your destination, use them to separate clean and dirty laundry. When you develop your own cube system, it’ll be much easier to stay organized.

Know which packing cubes are best for each item. 

  • Medium packing cubes are best for socks and underwear, or small non-clothing items like batteries, chargers, and toiletries.
  • Large packing cubes are best for T-shirts, shorts, and leggings. 
  • Our Packing Insert is best for full outfits, as well as bulky items like jackets and vests. 

Pre-pack your packing cubes.

For everyday packing and overnight packing, keep items ready to go in the compression cubes. For example, we like to keep a Medium Knack packing cube filled with cords, our chargers, and an external backup drive, as well as a Large Knack packing cube for our gym clothes.  

For more packing tips, read this post.

Compression cube for toiletries

Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

Absolutely. Packing cubes are incredibly versatile, but they’re also built to be used for years. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a parent, or a hybrid worker; packing cubes will keep you organized amid life’s chaos. Needless to say - we’re excited for more Knackpackers to try them as the world opens up again. 

Explore all of the Knack travel packing cubes and other packing accessories here.

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