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We’re just past the halfway mark of August, and this year has looked quite a bit different from previous years.  The Knack Team was feeling a bit regretful that we didn’t get to have as much fun this summer as other years, so we put together this list with ideas for socially distant summer fun!

Have an activity we should add to this list?  Pop your idea below in a comment!  If we add your idea, we’ll send you a Knack accessory as a thank you! 

Idea #1:  Backyard “Drive In” Movie

This is a popular summer fun idea, and it can take a few different forms!  Some Knackpackers have snagged a projector and screen for a backyard movie, while other Knackpackers have used their garage door or a smooth wall for a summer flick.

If you have kiddos, they can create a “car” using a cardboard box, markers and a bit of imagination.  

We recommend using your Knack Pack to pack up your cords, tech and remote – that way you can easily stay organized when it’s time to clean up!

Socially distant summer fun activities

Idea #2:  Fondue Picnic Party

You’ll probably want to do this at your local park or backyard, as it can get messy!  Set up a fun fondue party with a portable fondue pot.  Go for cheese or chocolate (or get two pots) for a fun meal.

Fondue summer picnic party

Idea #3:  Mixology 101

Ready to play bartender?  Look up a few recipes for fun summer cocktails on Pinterest (our recommendations here), and set up a mini mixology course for you and the other adults in your house. 

Knack Margarita Kit

Idea #4:  Day at The Beach (Or in The Mountains)

While every state has a popular national park, there are likely quite a few that you haven’t heard of!  Use this map to discover new parks to explore.  We recommend making sure to pack lunch and snacks (CDO, Keith Bristol, puts these in the expandable compartment of his Knack Pack), so as to avoid the crowds!

Socially distant summer fun activities - paved walking trail

Idea #5:  Plant a Terrarium

A lot of Knackpackers have been collecting house plants in 2020, as it’s relaxing to have an indoor garden.  If you’re worried about plants dying on you, then you may want to create a terrarium!

There are different methods to doing this (Pinterest is a great resource), but basically the idea is to create a habitat that needs very little human interference or watering!  No more worrying about under or overwatering.

plant a terrarium socially distant summer activity

Other Summer Fun ideas?

What activities have you done this summer?  Let us know in the comments!

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