Best Bag for Hospital Stays | From Katie Ortman-Doble

The Knack Team is wishing Katie Ortman Doble a swift recovery! Katie was kind enough to share her expertise as a recruiter with Knackpackers on our blog, and recently sent this update about using her Knack Pack while undergoing cancer treatment.

Best Bag for Hospital Stays - Cancer Treatment
From Katie:
"I’m entering my 4th clinical trial and 8th treatment since my battle with cancer began over 7 years ago. This is my second trial that has required out-of-state travel. This trial started with a surgery to remove two tumors from my liver (pictured with my Knack Pack and zebra mask), a leukapheresis (blood draw procedure that I went out for earlier this week, other 3 pics), and a ~21 day hospital stay in September where I get chemo (free haircut!) and TIL therapy (Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes).

This wasn’t how I pictured first utilizing my Knack Pack, but it’s been great for both trips so far. All the compartments are perfect for plane travel and hospital visits (and I love the sleek pocket for my tablet that never goes anywhere without me). The un-exposed water bottle pocket is perfect for COVID travel."

The Knack Pack is a great laptop backpack, and we so appreciate that it’s able to make life easier for those receiving medical care and their support teams.  Patients and their loved ones can spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, usually requiring 2-3 bags to carry tech, extra clothes, books, etc.  The Knack Pack easily fits just about everything needed, keeping items organized so patients can focus their energy on getting better.

Best Bag for Hospital Stays

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We loved getting this message from Katie, and the entire Knack community is rooting for her swift recovery.  You can keep up with Katie’s journey by following her on LinkedIn, here.

How are you using your Knack Pack in 2020?  Send us a few photos via email (, and you could be featured on the One Bag Blog!

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