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PROVIDENCE, RI -- Oct. 30, 2018  -- Knack Inc., a Rhode Island company designing innovative products for busy professionals, today launched its premier One Bag Life collection, the first intelligent solution to the hassle of traveling with multiple bags. Knack Packs™ offer the hands-free convenience of everyday business backpacks combined with the functionality of a suitcase. Leaving home and needing only one bag for any adventure is the essence of One Bag Life.

Created by former TUMI® executives, including founder and CEO Charlie Clifford, and Directors Chad Mellen and Larry Lein, Knack Packs are the result of two years of careful research, design and testing.

Image: One Bag Life business/travel backpack by start-up Knack Inc.

“My own path to a One Bag Life began three years ago during a weekend adventure to Costa Rica. On every leg of the trip, I found myself struggling with my duffel filled with clothes, my backpack filled with work stuff, my phone with a translation app, and an ever-present cup of coffee,” said Knack founder and CEO Chad Mellen. “At first, I thought I needed more hands. Then I realized what I really needed was a better way to carry everything. After looking for a better bag, and realizing the solution didn’t exist, we created Knack.”


Knack Packs in medium ($165) and large ($195) are available exclusively at www.knackbags.comThe first 200 people to order will receive a limited-edition stainless steel Knack water bottle that fits perfectly in the bag’s side pocket.

Today’s young professionals want to simplify their carrying needs, look stylish and travel without friction. Many blend business and leisure travel. They work and explore, all in the same trip; most struggle with two or more bags as they make their way through airports, train stations, or in and out of cars. Knack Packs make multi-bag hassles a thing of the past by providing the perfect everyday bag for business essentials which expand to reveal a 5” suitcase system that neatly holds up to four changes of clothes.

Knack Inc., a privately held company, offers modern bags for today’s active professionals exclusively on its website. Founded in 2018, the company’s mission is to design intelligent products that make it easier to get out and experience the world. With a focus on simplicity, authenticity, and flexibility, Knack’s One Bag Life concept offers the ability for professionals everywhere to get more from life. For more about Knack and to experience One Bag Life, visit

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