How to Use Your Knack Pack for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

It’s that time of year!  Time to make a list and check it twice, put up decorations, and procrastinate on shopping.

And it’s also time for holiday travel.  Did you know that last year, over 100 million Americans traveled for the holidays – clogging up highways, terminals and train stations?  

Whew.  That’s gonna make it tough to get to grandma’s house on time!

At Knack, we love seeing our family for the holidays, but we’re not big fans of inconvenient travel.  Below, we’ve shared helpful tips and info to help cut down on the stress of holiday travel:

Holiday Travel Tip #1:  Ship Holiday Gifts to Their Final Destination

If you plan on having Christmas morning at someone else’s house, do yourself a favor and ship as many items as you can to their house.  This will make it much easier to pack the car! You can have a present wrapping party on arrival.

Shipping gifts ahead of time means that you won’t have to check bags or deal with lost luggage.  You can board your flight with everything packed in your Large Knack Pack, knowing that all of your items are right there with you!

Need a last minute gift?  Give a Knack Gift Card!  A thoughtful gift that lets the recipient choose the size and color of Knack Pack that will work best for them!

Knack Pack boxes shipped to your front door for the holidays

Tip #2:  Pack Charging Banks.  LOTS of Charging Banks

Many a Knackpacker has been stuck overnight in an airport due to inclement weather, and it’s not very fun.  Waiting for your plane (or train) can be frustrating, and it’s made even worse if there are no power outlets available.

Keep Disney Plus going for the family by bringing multiple charging banks for your devices, including your laptop!  In a recent article on Forbes, journalist, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, shared that USB charging stations are a no-go.  “Cybercriminals can modify those USB connections to install malware on your phone or download data without your knowledge.” 

We like to keep our charging banks in the interior mesh pocket or the bottom front battery pocket, depending on how big they are.

Headphones in the interior of the Knack Pack travel backpack

Tip #3:  Go with the Flow

Stress is usually caused by thinking that things should go a certain way.  But with holiday travel, you’re not in control. As you set out on your journey, remind yourself that you can’t control the circumstances – but you can decide to make the best of delays.  Bring a deck of UNO cards to play in the airport, take videos of your travel, etc.

We know how stressful travel can be, which is why we’ve offered the Green Seas Travel Candle since we launched!  The travel candle has five hours of burn time, and is great to use once you’ve arrived at your destination and need to unwind.

The Knack Green Seas Travel Candle is the perfect Christmas gift for travelers!


Tip #4:  Be Smart about Checking Bags

This one is a bit obvious, but it’s important to remember!  Avoid checking a bag by packing a Large Knack Pack (fits ~4 outfits).  You can bring all the tech you need, and also pack your clothing and toiletries.

While the Knack Pack was designed to replace the need for multiple bags, sometimes you just have to bring a carryon suitcase.  This is why we added a trolley sleeve to the Knack 2.0, so you can easily slide your expandable backpack to the top of it.

Be sure to put all of your necessary items in your Knack Pack, just in case you have to gate check your carryon!

Carryon Backpack with pass through luggage sleeve (trolley sleeve)

Tip #5:  Keep Track of Essential Items

Have you ever been traveling, only to realize you don’t know where a certain item, like your phone or ID, is?  You panic, and start patting your pockets and dumping your bag out – it’s not a fun time.

To avoid this feeling, we recommend having a list of items that you keep track of – no matter what.  These are essential items that can’t be easily replaced. If you forget a toothbrush, it’s an annoyance – but if you lost your credit or debit card?  That’s a pain!  

For ease, we use the acronym, “PICK,” to remember top items:

  1. Phone
  2. Identification
  3. Credit Cards/Debit Card
  4. Keys

Keeping organized with the Knack Pack

And, wouldn’t you know it, your Knack Pack has a spot for all of these!  Put your phone in the top pocket for easy access, and keep your wallet and identification in the see-through, interior zip mesh pockets.  Finally, your keys can be clipped to the inner key leash.

Bonus:  Give the Gift of a Knack Pack

If you’re stressed about holiday travel, chances are other people in your family are as well!  Give the gift of a #OneBagLife and less stress this holiday season.

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