When we started Knack, we focused on creating backpacks that freed people from carrying multiple bags at the same time. Since our launch, we’ve heard from hundreds of people who love our concept of One Bag Life™ and who also give us great feedback on how we are doing. Their honest comments help us to continue creating game-changing products and customer service. Because we find reviews from Knackpackers to be so helpful, we thought we would share them with you as you think about whether One Bag Living is right for you.

Medium Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Best pack I've ever had!

Love the pack, great features, great quality, great compartments, great zippers. A friend had gotten 1.0 and I was waiting for 2.0 to become available to get my own. Great buy. The suitcase handle pass-through is an important feature to me. When the pack is really full it's tough to feed the suitcase handle through that slot. I probably had the pack way too full, but maybe something to look at as you continue to make this awesome pack even better!

Wish I had gone bigger

A great bag, but I wish I had gone with the Large instead of the Medium. Despite the dimensions being nearly identical to the duffel I planned to replace, the layout of the Knack Pack doesn't allow for the same quantity of items.

Overall my only complaints are that it's deceptively smaller than I had imagined and that the laptop compartment could be better padded at the bottom to prevent bumps when setting it down. Beyond that, it's thoughtfully designed, well-constructed, and comfortable to carry all day.

Hi Benjamin, Just wanted to let you know our Knack 2.0's have false bottoms in their laptop compartments, protecting our customers laptops from drops, bumps and whoopsies. Glad to hear our Knack Pack is working so well for you. Knack Customer Service
Great travel bag

Just used this for our last holiday trip. It has a ton of pockets in all the right places and is solidly built. Everything is well protected and this bag is thoughtfully designed. Thank you!

gift for frequent traveler

I bought this for my dad for Christmas after he did all of the research and decided which bag he wanted. He traveled with it the next day and absolutely loves it. I tried it out and can attest to the excellent build quality and overall functionality. I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone looking for a competent daily carry or a flexible bag for multi-day trips.


I ordered this backpack for my husband's Christmas gift at the end of November. Today is December 31 and I have not received it yet.

Hi Anne,
We sent an email to you on 12/29/19 at 8:15 pm EST. It may have gone to your junk email, but we were checking to see if you received your Knack Pack or not. If not we were going to have the warehouse send one to you by two day air. If you can't find the email, please email us at support@knackbags.com.
The usual delivery time for free shipping to Hawaii is estimated at 14 business days, however it looks like USPS has had an issue with this shipment. For future orders, we do offer 2 day shipping for a $30 surcharge if timing is an issue.
Knack Customer Service

Great gift

I gave this as a gift to my brother who often has weekend getaways and also has 2 kids. He really loved it! It's going to be perfect for him. He had never heard of Knack, but he was very impressed with all the pockets, storage, and the expandable suitcase portion.

Christmas Gift

Our son was pleasantly surprised to receive a Knack Bag. He liked the color (inside and out) and the versatility of the bag. A special thank you to Rachel who took my order!

Great Bag!

its attractive, has lots of handy pockets and compartments, and is very thoughtfully made!

As perfect as I can hope for.

Very happy with the bag!!! I've stress tested it on flights, it holds up perfectly. The most unexpected aspect is that for the first time ever in a backpack, I really know exactly where everything is stored and everything is easily accessible, even in the dark and when packed to the brim.
One more thing that might help someone: I use the medium backpack with the new 16 inch Macbook pro. It does fit inside, but the opening is just barely large enough. The first few times inserting felt uncomfortable/scary and it basically takes two hands and turning the bag on its side to take out the laptop. I've now gotten completely used to it, though, and couldn't be happier. But if you have a 16 inch macbook and are leaning between the large and medium knack pack, know that the large will be somewhat more comfortable. Also, when the bag is fully packed, I'm hesitant to use the luggage slide while the laptop is inside, lest it may get too pressured. Not sure if this would be better in the large pack. The important thing to know is if you have the 16 inch Macbook, you will be fine ordering the medium knack pack if that is your preferred size.

Clean Look. Great Bag!

I got medium black. Clean Look on the outside. Smart structure, Good quality. Feels light. I like that I can use the back luggage compartment's top open to push stuff in without opening it fully, like for gym cloths, etc...
I love the front compartment, how it opens and the see-through pockets. It's great for the day to day stuff. The front V style zipper is cool looking from outside :) though I personally find I never really use it.

My Biggest Complaint.. I don't like the expansion zipper. It feels cheaper and is super hard to open. Good thing i don't do that every day.

My second complaint, The luggage slide on in medium version is vertical and not horizontal, and it's super hard to push it in. I don't get why the horizontal opening does not exist in medium but does in the large version...

Large Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Fantastic bag

I have owned many, many laptop bags from the likes of eBags, Briggs + Riley, and others. This is the first backpack I've had that combines great looks with great functionality. There are just enough organizational pockets, the ergonomics are great, and it travels well. And if I overstuff my carryon suitcase, I can open the expandable section of the Knack Bag and throw my jacket or extra clothes in there. This bag is a winner.

Super functional, great looking bag!

I bought this for my super picky husband who wanted an extra backpack for his gaming laptop when he has international trips or family travel so he can bring his gaming laptop as well as his work laptop. It has so much room he can actually fit both in the backpack along with the large iPad and all the charging cables. He doesn't need the work laptop bag unless he has a meeting. There's also room for clothes and it looks good! I love when function marries great design.

Almost the perfect bag. Almost.

I bought the large because the medium was just slightly too small for my laptop. I’d love to see the medium be able to accommodate a 15.6” laptop. But about the large bag, it’s good with just a couple flaws that keep it from being a great bag.

First the things I like...I like the cable garage at the bottom of the bag. Keeps my laptop charger out of the way and in its own place. I like the water bottle pocket and how it expands inward. The interior space is plenty big enough to handle all the things I need to carry even with a water bottle in the pocket. I like the sunglasses pocket that also has a spot for easy access to gum/wallet/boarding pass/etc. I haven’t used the expandable section of the bag yet but it looks to be big enough to handle at least a 2-day trip comfortably.

The things that keep this from being a great bag are the front triangular pocket and the tablet sleeve inside the main compartment. First the triangle pocket...the only compartments inside this pocket are 6 business card sleeves. Nobody needs that many business cards and those pockets are not deep enough to store anything else useful in them. I’d love to see a complete redesign of the front pocket with a couple pen holders maybe a small zippered pocket and then some deeper pockets that could hold flash drives, ear bud cases, charging bricks, chapstick...things if that sort. Secondly, the tablet sleeve is low in the bag or too short. Every time I try to just slide a book in to the main compartment, it catches on that sleeve and doesn’t just slide in neatly like it should. I would flip the zippered pocket and the tablet sleeve and put the tablet sleeve at the top of the main compartment and the zippered pocket at the bottom. There’s already a zippered pocket at the top of the main compartment on the other side, you don’t need two that are that easily accessible.

All in all, it’s a good bag that does what I ask. But I’ve had to buy some organizers to go along with this bag to make it...

Hi Daniel, Thanks so much for the input. We review every single customers comments when we look for potential redesigns of our Knack Pack. Also wanted to let you know behind the business card holder is a larger pocket made out of RFID fabric. Here you can store credit cards, passports, or any larger items you want to keep handy with the added security of the scan blocking fabric. So glad to hear our Large Knack Pack is working so well for you. Knack Customer Service
It’s Perfect!

In my daily home >car>train>bus>office in a major midwestern city, this bag is perfection! I used to carry two backpacks for the office and gym, but not only does this bag replace them both for daily life, it’s easy for me now not to have to pack another overnight bag for a business trip or weekend getaway with the family.

It’s also the perfect balance of looks and function... I can easily carry lunch, shoes, workout clothes, a computer, presentations, water bottle and more in separate, organized compartments. The only thing I hate is I didn’t discover it sooner!

Love this bag

I have the Large Knack. I was worried that it might be too big for every-day-use. But it works great. This bag is slim enough for easy use to and from the office. It is not too bulky or unwieldy. It is slim, trim, and looks great. I actually keep one of the straps tucked away so that I don't have too much "dangling" from the bag. This is a feature I appreciate. The storage is ideal. The contrast fabric makes seeing what I need to find easy. My other bag was all black in the pockets, and I lost things all the time, and lost time rummaging for that battery or pen that I was in the depths of a pocket. The Knack's orange and white lining means that things are easy to locate quickly. The genius of Knack's design is that the exact same bag is perfect for my work when I travel. I travel once a month (about) for 3-4 days. I can hold the clothes I need in my Knack when it is expanded and have no additional luggage. I am 6'3" and 250 lbs - so my clothes take more room. I use the packing cubes (1 large, and 2 small cubes) which help use the space efficiently. I love this bag!

Gives me the flexibility I need

If one travels frequently, you realize flights today are almost always full. One bad storm at a major hub airport and you can be stuck for 2-3 days. I had such experience in 2018 where Thunderstorms caused us to divert and then fly into Chicago after the weather cleared a few hours later. I was flying from east to west going to Seattle. I got to the Seattle gate to find the flight had already taken off and I could hear the gate staff telling other customers they were sold out for 2-3 days. I saw the Portland OR plane was still there also delayed. An airline representative asked me if I had checked luggage and for once I did not. They said "run" and catch the Portland flight. I made my meeting! Had I checked luggage I would have been hosed.

This knack with my wheeled carry on is all that I need for 95% of my travels and it's perfect. I've got the older version with the waist strap which I think has been revised to a sleeve to put the knack over the handle of a wheeled piece of luggage. Both are great options.

The clothing compartment ensures I always have a spare shirt + trousers + socks and 1-2 sets of clean drawers just in case my wheeled bag does get checked and not arrive, or if I stupidly stain a shirt or something in the middle of an actual day. Ever step in a big puddle on a work trip and wish you had a spare dry set of socks with you? Now you can! Ever fly somewhere HOT AND HUMID and wish you could do a wardrobe change? Now you can!

All the pockets allow me to keep all the stuff needed in proper places where I can actually find them when I arrive. The Knack looks like a quality piece you'd expect at a high end shop. It's very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. In the end we bought a second as the first one went to college with our son and so I got another one for myself.

Great back pack

I’m a traveling salesman. I cover 16 states. Some of my travel requires me to travel by plane multiple time/wk. if you looking to carrier 3 days plus workout gear this is it. I have been looking for a bag that would carrier 3 days worth of attire plus work sneakers (size 14). Along with my computer iPad and noise canceling headphones. This is a bag for. The great part was they allowed me to try the bag for 30 days. What sold me was how much it was able to expand. Do yourself a favor and at least try the bag. You have nothing to lose.

Just got v2 - Build Quality

I'm onto my second Knack and I have to say it seems the build quality fell off a bit on the stitching in my case.
There are frays I fear will get worse over time and the "hood" of the V zippers isn't stitched right causing it to have a weird bulge.
v1 was far cleaner in appearance than my current bag due to these issues.
Outside of that the new design is better overall and it works, but I feel the quality makes it fall short in a business setting.

Hi Brian, Please reach out to support@knackbags.com. It sounds like the quality of your Knack Pack does not meet our expectations. Thanks, Knack Customer Service
Great backpack

Originally ordered medium but it didn't hold my 15.6" laptop. Customer service quickly got a return and store credit processed and I ordered my Large as a pre-order since they were sold out. Arrived a few days after ordering. I haven't had a chance to travel with it yet. That will happen in January but so far, I'm really liking the backpack. Holds all of my work gear without issue.

Best backpack ever

I have many back packs but none of them have all the features I want and need. This one exceeds expectations.