When we started Knack, we focused on creating backpacks that freed people from carrying multiple bags at the same time. Since our launch, we’ve heard from hundreds of people who love our concept of One Bag Life™ and who also give us great feedback on how we are doing. Their honest comments help us to continue creating game-changing products and customer service. Because we find reviews from Knackpackers to be so helpful, we thought we would share them with you as you think about whether One Bag Living is right for you.

Medium Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

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Great bag

Great bag! Wish it had two, instead of one, water bottle holders and that the water bottle holders had an extra strap to hold them in. Substantial material and zippers, nice gray color, good padding for laptop and on back and straps, and lots of compartments.

Makes an excellent bike commuter bag!

A little background: I probably own close to a dozen backpacks of all makes and sizes. The brands I own range from Camelbak to GoRuck. You can say I'm very fickle when it comes to backpacks.

This one has been in constant use since I got it back in July. I purposely waited a few months to allow time to really evaluate this bag and give my honest impressions. I've been using it as my bike commuter bag for work which is about 16 miles round trip. I use this bag while bike commuting (only in good weather) about 3 times a week and use it when I'm commuting by car.

I am amazed at how comfortable this pack is on my back loaded with my work essentials and bike EDC. I keep a pair of chinos in the unexpanded compartment that I change into when I arrive at work. I love that I can keep a few items and pants in the luggage compartment without having to expand it.

To be honest, I wasn't in love with the triangular shaped admin pocket but I have adapted and love it for one reason. I can clip a round blinking amber bike light at the apex of the flap. Then I can tuck it in such a way that about 30% of the light is under the flap that houses the zippers when fully closed. The resulting tension holds the bike light in place quite securely when the flap is closed all the way with the zippers under the flap. I can even squeeze on the KK logo to press the power button to turn on my light! (I wish I could post a pic of what I am talking about!!! It's one of those things that just works out amazingly!) It means I can use my rear bike safety light without having a Molle loop or any kind of loop for that matter.

Some additional points:

I ordered a factory 2nd example and for the life of me, I cannot find anything wrong with it!

The bag is deceptively small but it's really not. I love the sleekness of it as well as it's simple yet clever and innovative design. It offers so many carry solutions for my items without being overly complicated (like some tactical style packs). I usually favor a full clamshell style main compartment but I've ended up loving the gusseted flap on the main compartment. It prevents accidental spillage and I feel provides more security without really sacrificing accessibility.

It's light weight (especially compared to a GR1) but feels stout and ready for heavy loads (which it is). Even fully loaded with a laptop AND an ebike battery in the main compartment, the pack is still comfortable.

On the surface the bag looks simple yet is as comfortable if not more than some packs that "look" comfortable (packs with a bunch of adjustment straps).

My only honest and hopefully constructive criticisms are as follows:

I feel like the number of business card pockets in the admin section is excessive. That being said, I've used some of this pockets for holding single Fig Bars or Clif Bars. It would be nice to see a pen sleeve or 2. Maybe even a pocket for a small flashlight. I would also like to see the key keeper relocated to the admin section.

For me, the key keeper in the main compartment gets in the way of the zipper pull of the internal mesh pocket on the back panel. Because of this, I keep that mesh pocket open mostly. What would be cool is to include another tab in the exterior admin pocket to which you can hook the removable key keeper to. I think that would offer really nice flexibility.

I would like to maybe see some gussets for the internal mesh pockets to give them more usable volume especially when the pack is full.

Another nice to have would be to have some degree of padding on the floor of the main compartment to help cushion the contents of the external bottom compartment that is used for electronics and what not.

Lastly, I wish Knack went with a regular side release buckle on the sternum strap. My muscle memory keeps wanting to squeeze a buckle rather than clumsily trying to unhook it from the webbing on the shoulder strap. When in a hurry I feel like a side release buckle is just easier and faster.

All in all, I still give this pack 5 stars. I love it that much. The simple looks of the exterior are deceiving. This pack is bigger than it is and more comfortable than it looks. It's a refreshing option for those looking for their next backpack. Well done Knackbags!

Son Loves it!

Just wanted to say Thank you. My son wanted this bag for college weekend trips. This weekend he will use for the first time. Hoping he loves. ( I am sure he will)

The bag I’ve been searching for

For years, I’ve been looking for the perfect bag to carry with me to work, hold my gym clothes, and also work as a weekender. This bag has all of that and more. Similar bags always looked too square or modular for me. The medium sized bag looks like a normal bag, and a pretty stylish one to boot. My favorite part of the bag is the back which expands almost into a suitcase type space. It just really makes packing, finding, and unpacking extremely easy. I couldn’t be happier.

Great backpack

Ordered the medium as a gift for my son. When I recently saw him for an overnight visit - he went through everything he was able to fit in the backpack and well organized. With that said, he couldn't be happier. Going back for another one for my son in law :)

Excellent multipurpose bag

I love this bag! It feels compact and not too bulky. I use it daily for work and able to put my work laptop and other belongings in there. Fits the same things as my previous backpack for work that was bulky and felt heavier than this backpack. Also can be used for weekend travel. I like where all the compartments are located. They are convenient and all easily accessible. Truly a great bag and I am very happy with my purchase.

Excellent multipurpose bag

This is an amazing bag.

I use it pretty much everyday - for work, travel, leisure, as a daypack, as a day hike bag, for a grocery run, for a visit to the ER, anything.

I'm T1 diabetic so I always need to carry some emergency stuff and diabetic supply, so in its 17L mode, it is a perfect daypack. The front triangular pocket is perfectly sized for my diabetic supply, and it is super quick to access by simply pulling away.

The bottom pocket can either fit a few emergency snacks or a tech pouch that seems to fit perfectly (Knack Bags, you NEED to make an official tech pouch!)

Main compartment is roomy and holds all I need to store, and is also quick to access thanks to its semi-clamshell design

Water bottle pocket can be hidden which is awesome, and the Knack Insulated Water Bottle fits perfectly in it - I love the perfect synergy with the other Knack products

The suitcase compartment is excellent - it adds 14L of storage for travel, which I've used multiple times, paired with Knack Bag Packing cubes.

All in all, it is an amazing bag. It is also very lightweight yet durable and sturdy

I would change a few things though - adding a side handle would definitely change the game - you can stow the shoulder straps, so by adding a side handle, you could carry it as a proper suitcase. I'd also change the flat mesh pockets to 3D mesh pockets, as once you put things in them, they protrude and stress the mesh.

Deceptively sized, much to my pleasure!

I waffled over a few months deciding whether to buy this bag (which was pretty easy since I've been in quarantine). I had an unpleasant experience last year with a "startup" luggage manufacturer and have been skeptical about spending $200 on a bag only to be disappointed.

Not the case with Knack. I purchased the Medium after thinking about buying the Small, but as the dimensions aren't that different, went with the Medium. I'm very happy with this bag!

When I travel (which I hope to do soon!), I prefer carryon only, with a rolling bag for the overhead and a backpack for underseat use. But I also sometimes need just one bag for a brief trip, and a backpack which expands (hard to find) is perfect for clothes, toiletries, and my electronics. This pack really fills the bill. The expansion is enough for a trip of several days with strategic packing, with plenty of room for a laptop, tablet, and cables. I also require a trolly strap for use with a rolling bag handle, and the Knack has this handy feature.

Organization is excellent, with easy access to whatever you might need in flight. The carry straps are well padded and comfortable, and the integrated water bottle holder is perfect for a 24 ounce HydroFlask. Plus, it tucks away when not needed.

The only aspect of the bag which prevents me from giving it a 5 star rating is the lack of a side carry handle. As the pack is designed for both business and pleasure travel, having a padded side handle to match the top carry handle would give the bag a bit more of a "business friendly" appearance. However, that's a minor detail.

In summary, I expect to get a lot of use from this bag when the country gets "mobile" again. The Knack pack combines form and function with a professional appearance, and while it's a tad pricey, looks to be durable enough to justify the price. Very nice bag!

Great Backpack

I love this backpack, could take this everywhere. I love that there's more back stability with this bag. The only negative is that for the laptop pocket, it doesn't leave space for laptop sleeve to protect laptop for unexpected drops. Other than great bag that should last for a while.

Hi Howard,
Although your laptop sleeve won't fit in the laptop pocket, this pocket is built with a false bottom to protect your laptop on most falls. Really glad you are loving your Knack Pack. Take care, Knack Customer Service

Perfect travel companion

I can't remember whether I wrote a review when I first brought my Knack, but after a year together, I feel like I should write again ;)

I love how streamlined this bag looks. Even in expanded form, when I am carrying my whole life with me, I don't feel like I have a box strapped to my back. The weight is distributed well and the straps are exceptionally comfy. The zippers are sturdy and unobtrusive and I'm pleased to note that even in the fully expanded state, the exposed expanding zippers have held up well in transit. The multitude of pockets keep me really well organized. I still think that the little wedge shaped flap pocket in the front would be better off as just a simple 1 zipper slip pocket instead.. but overall, it's great having a spot for everything.

The ratio of padding to weight on this bag is perfect. It's not too heavy, but the front of the bag has a healthy amount of padding (as well as the back, where the laptop lives). My camera, switch, battery etc can all be thrown into the front compartment, and I know it will be relatively protected.

I ummed and aahed for so long over this purchase but my only regret is that I did not purchase sooner. I'm so glad to have met my Knack, and as soon as the world goes back to a somewhat normal state, I am sure we will be back on many more adventures!

Large Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
The Bag that every Teacher or Coach should get!

Knack Packs are the most versatile bags on the market. I can go straight from teaching school to the airport and have all of my electronic devices to teach and clothes for a weekend business trip in one convenient bag. I speak from experience since I travel a lot running football camps all over the world, the Knack Packs are high quality and hold up extremely well.

Superb Build, Very Well Thought Out

I wouldn't call myself a backpack aficionado but I do have a lot that I seem collect and use for a variety of purposes. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like this bag. It is now my favorite for work and travel. I have the medium and it is deceptively roomy. I often carry two laptops and this bag seems to gobble them up and still has plenty of room for power adapters, files, other cables, and notebook. that's without even expanding the clothing compartment. It has enough compartments for your various essentials but not too many where you don't know where anything is. Well done Knack.

Best Bag Period

I have had lots of backpacks. Ones designed for skateboarding and snowboarding. Ones designed with travel in mind. Many for every day use. The Knack out performs them all. Not only is it great for weekend getaways. It performs as an everyday bag with ease. It keeps everything safe and secure with more features than you knew existed. #onebaglife

Great Bag for travel and School

I got this bag based on a suggestion from a memeber of a Stage lighting group. I was looking for a bag that could hold my large laptop and its peripherals, a change of clothes, and tools or my school books or whatever miscellaneous things I might need. The backpack succeeds in doing all that. Ive used it as a suitcase/travel bag for when I went on a short vacation, I've used it to hold my computer and desk stuff as I was moving into my apartment, and I've used it as I've gone too and from classes. It work great in all those applications and the straps are nicely padded so there was no strain on my shoulders.
My only issue is there are not as many pockets as I would like and the main pocket is just a tiny bit smaller than I would like (still fit my roughly 18" laptop). However, I was able to remedy these issues by using the suitcase pocket in the back.
Overall it is a great multipurpose backpack!

Love this bag!

This is my second Knack bag. My first was extensively used during a family vacation across Europe last summer. My wife and kids loved the bag so much I decided to get another in a different color/size for myself. The pouch at the bottom is great for cables and charging cords. Love the water bottle pocket as well, it works for so many things. A quality bag. Worth every penny.

Hah!! This pack is GREAT!

I got this Knackpack when I started my MBA at the Wharton School. I didn't realize what a cool pack it was until I started using it. After a year of traveling across the country for work and class, it still looks brand new. It has been rained on, thrown under airline seats, and stepped on in the classroom. I literally carry it every day, but you'd never know. It holds its form well, protects all my stuff, and has the perfect amount of space to pack for a workday (when not expanded) or a three or four day weekend (when expanded). The backpack that is changing the backpack. Great job, Knackpack!

Amazing backpack

Great travel backpack. It’s more than I could have possibly wanted. Shout out to Bradley @stuffandthings on youtube for the review which led me to this amazing backpack


I purchased this back pack because there was an option of sizing. As a big man myself I always look funny wearing a backpack that was too small. Having the ability to have a large size it really made wearing it comfortable plus the workmanship of this back pack is unbelievable. From the zippers to the shoulder straps everything is so right and is very sturdy. Lastly the compartments were constructed in such a way that I can carry everything without having to use a carry-on rollaway type case when going on weekend trips. I urge any avid traveler or business professional to get one of these back packs.

Comment on knack pack after using it for three months

I had purchased a medium sized knack pack about four months ago. As a whole, I love this bag for certain reasons:

1. The knack pack could make a well balance of daily work use and expansion of size when I have day out with my baby.

2. It could keep the supere sleekness even I put lots of things inside it

3. Well designed compartment no matter for daily work or baby caring. I used the bottom compartment to put wet tissue, soft pad and some diapers. It quite convenient when my baby has to change diaper

Two points for your consideration of improvement:

1. The key buckle was quite inconvenient to access when I have to take it out or if the main compartment was near full. I suggest to rearrange it at the top of the bag or may be inside the water bottom compartment.

2. It would be perfect for me if the shoulder strap could be hide inside the back of the pack and another handle could be built in either side of the bag which could change to a brief for business. Just like the Forge pack of Black Ember. For consideration of maintaining the sleekness of the bag, the handles (both on top and at the side) could refer to the Evergoods CPL 24. It makes a well balance of sleekness and function of the handles.

Better than Expected!

This bag is amazing! I am a pedestrian commuter in Boston and was so tired of lugging work backpack and gym bag a mile each way every day. The Large Knack bag solves it all. I can expand and fit full business clothes, shoes, etc for the gym and still carry all of my business essentials (laptop, files, cords, water bottle, lunch, etc)! Recently went overseas, and this bag was fantastic, fits under the seat when not expanded and so lightweight. Love, love, love......