When we started Knack, we focused on creating backpacks that freed people from carrying multiple bags at the same time. Since our launch, we’ve heard from hundreds of people who love our concept of One Bag Life™ and who also give us great feedback on how we are doing. Their honest comments help us to continue creating game-changing products and customer service. Because we find reviews from Knackpackers to be so helpful, we thought we would share them with you as you think about whether One Bag Living is right for you.

Medium Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Kai David (Los Angeles, US)
The Best Travel Backpack ever!

I got this from my company and didn’t really look at it until months later. They normally send us backpacks and figured it was just an average, same as the others. Oh boy, I was wrong!

The Knack is so AMAZING! I travel quite a bit for work and hand down, this is the best pack that I’ve owned. There are just the right amount of compartments to keep me organized. I love that there is a luggage section for those quick trips. I like the option of having straps and more importantly, being able to put them away. The expand feature is a fantastic option and the Knack isn’t at all bulky. It’s durable, looks great and keeps me well organized.

For me, I don’t think that I’ll ever own a different backpack other than a Knack!

Thanks Knack- for a engineering an the Best travel backpack!

R.M. (Denver, US)
Perfect Bag For Travel

All around great bag.

Sarah Medina (Burlington, US)
Did SO much research and this is the best backpack I've ever had

I spent forever searching for the perfect backpack and even bought and tried several before finding Knack. Honestly this bag is perfect and I couldn't be more happy!! 10/10 recommend.

Rochelle Combe (Avalon, US)

This is a great travel bag. I go back and forth between 2 homes every 2 weeks and this is perfect. I always have my 2 dogs with me so having hands free is necessary. I can pack a weekend's worth of clothes plus my essentials (laptop, phone, sunglasses, tickets etc.). The only thing I wish it had was a bigger pocket for a water bottle (it fits a 500ml bottle), but I haven't really found another bag that does either so I think it's pretty standard. Otherwise the bag is perfect. Great quality, nice looking and keeps me organized.

Jason Gubler
Great bag

First trip, this bag was great. Plenty of storage pockets. This is a great 1 to 2 day carry on bag. Love the expandable option.

Ranj (Atlanta, US)
The best backpack I have owned

As an airline pilot, I've worked through many bags from rollers, to messengers, to backpacks. After buying and returning multiple bags, I bought this one and it has been my daily work bag that I can carry everything needed for my flight, to include snacks, books, ipads, and a change of clothes. The rugged construction has made it through almost a year of flying around the world, multiple luggage compartments, cockpit, hotel stays, airports, taxis etc. It is very comfortable to carry. Only wish would have been that the Knack logo was embroidered, as the little rubber lettering peeled off while in the confines of the cockpit.

Mitch Selbiger (Lewes, US)
Great bag

I now travel with one bag. This is a great bag with lots of compartments for organization. I can go 4-5 days with just this bag. I highly recommend knack!

G E Stiles (Tappahannock, US)
Awesome bag

Had the opportunity to travel this weekend with one bag. Awesome piece, highly recommend it. Very well thought out design, sits nicely on your back to distribute the load. Just excellent.

Mark Pitzer (Dallas, US)
Great Bag

I have been traveling with two bags for business for over 10 years. What a joy to leave one bag at home and have enough room for clothes and business necessities. Bravo!

Marie H. (Riverside, US)
The best bag I've ever owned!

I work remotely most of the time and travel a lot both for work and pleasure, often alternating between an office bag, a day bag, and a suitcase. Inevitably, I'd leave things I needed in another bag and it was a huge hassle. When I saw this bag on Instagram, I compared it to all the other "all-in-one" bags on the market I could find, but nothing impressed me as much as Knack. I've been using my medium Series 1 Knack Bag for a few weeks now and I'm dazzled by how comfortable it is, how much it packs into a tight space, and how much it holds both daily and when expanded for my trips! I love this backpack so much that I've already listed my other three bags for sale after just a few weeks of using this. Also, the compression cubes made for this bag are AWESOME! I easily fit 3-4 days' worth of clothes and necessities in them for camping, "unpacked" my clothes, and zipped up the luggage area in less than 30 seconds to hit the beach. BEST BAG EVER.

Large Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
L.L. (Round Rock, US)
Nice Expandable size that hit almost every mark for me

I'm 65 years young and was looking for a backpack that I could take on a weekend trip but would expand into something larger for longer trips but still be considered carry on luggage without checking at the airport. I recently retired and planning on global travels to complete my bucket list I've been building up.I did a lot of research and watch a ton of Youtube videos getting all the information I needed to make the decision that was right for me. I needed something that was on the light side yet sturdy enough to hold everything without sagging and losing shape. The Knack fit everything I was looking for. It has a sleek design without all the "in your face" branding. Some reviewers stated they wished the shoulder straps had more padding but I find them adequate for me since I'm not a nomadic blogger/youtuber so I don't carry a lot of heavy equipment. The shoulder straps are a nice size to hold my GoPro clip and comfortable enough to get me through the airports, trains and short walks through the new destinations. I like they can be zipped away and you can put items in there as well.

Now the inside. I really like the zip up water bottle compartment on the outside. I use it for not only my water bottle but a selfie-stick or collapsible walking sticks depending on the trip I take. The front(first) area has a lot of smaller "stick-in" pockets. For me it's an over kill. I wished there were fewer zip up see through mesh pockets here. I don't need 3 pens. I use the elastic loops for charging cables, chapstick or anything for quick access. The space at the bottom is large enough to house my travel journal, headphones, and GoPro carrying cases. The second zip up area holds a ton. I use this area for my iPad, toiletries bag, other charging cable, puff jacket, rain gear if needed. Really anything I might want quicker access without opening up the main compartment. I think the best feature of this bag is the clamshell opening. For shot trips it holds everything in place. But when I want to go on longer trips, it expands and I can fit two medium compression cubes easily with room to spare to pack along the sides for an extra pair of shoes.

These types of backpack are very subjective and everyone has their needs on what they want to carry and expectations. But this one hit almost every mark for me. Safe travels everyone!

L.B. (Brighton, US)
Best bag I’ve ever seen and bought

Best all in one bag you can possibly find. Amazing quality and every inch is utilized

Daniel Gurecky (Port Charlotte, US)
Perfect travel bag

I took a recent trip and it held my 17" laptop easily and a weeks plus worth of clothes. That was without expanding it.

Winston Gonzalez (Huntersville, US)
Great backpack for a graduate

I bought this as a gift for my daughter on her HS graduation, she is loving the backpack that she’ll be using as a college freshman in the Fall of 2021

christian (Dallas, US)
All in one - One for all.

The video reviews of this back DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE!!!
I bought this bag for my wife to use for work; Real Estate. She texts me almost daily (for the last week) RAVING about this backpack. As a family who hikes, this back is almost perfect for taking to the trail! Plenty of storage, slim, lumbar support is 5 of 5!!!

Rodney Cunanan (Seattle, US)
The perfect work and travel bag

Good quality backpack with a nice look. I was able to put 3 polos in the large cube, 3 tshirts in the medium cube and sleepwear in another medium cube along with 2 pairs of pants and a sweatpants with more room to spare. Worth the price I paid.

yolanda erwin (Roselle, US)
quality product - just not the right fit

I heard back from Knack regarding my return. So I have changed my rating to a 5 star. They did recognize my concern and fix it for me.

The bag was great, but I felt my MacBook Pro did not fit well in the side pocket. It was a little tight and difficult to remove.

The Large was just too big, but I may change my mind at some point. I still am on a quest to find the perfect bag for me.

Coach Anthony Stone (Rockford, US)
The Bag that every Teacher or Coach should get!

Knack Packs are the most versatile bags on the market. I can go straight from teaching school to the airport and have all of my electronic devices to teach and clothes for a weekend business trip in one convenient bag. I speak from experience since I travel a lot running football camps all over the world, the Knack Packs are high quality and hold up extremely well.

Michael (Nantucket, US)
Superb Build, Very Well Thought Out

I wouldn't call myself a backpack aficionado but I do have a lot that I seem collect and use for a variety of purposes. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like this bag. It is now my favorite for work and travel. I have the medium and it is deceptively roomy. I often carry two laptops and this bag seems to gobble them up and still has plenty of room for power adapters, files, other cables, and notebook. that's without even expanding the clothing compartment. It has enough compartments for your various essentials but not too many where you don't know where anything is. Well done Knack.

Ian (Saint Paul, US)
Best Bag Period

I have had lots of backpacks. Ones designed for skateboarding and snowboarding. Ones designed with travel in mind. Many for every day use. The Knack out performs them all. Not only is it great for weekend getaways. It performs as an everyday bag with ease. It keeps everything safe and secure with more features than you knew existed. #onebaglife