Discontinued sale event. Up to 25% off.
Discontinued sale event. Up to 25% off.


The products in our Discontinued Sale are all first-quality version 1.0 Knack Packs. While we sold out of most of version 1.0 products, we do have a few left over that we are offering at a special price.


We created version 2.0 based on features customers wanted but were not included in version 1.0 above. We thought we’d call out some of the major differences to help in making the decision about which Knack Pack version is right for you.

Some of the key 2.0 features not included in 1.0:

  1. Trolley sleeve for all sizes. 
  2. Removable sternum strap on Medium and Large Knack Pack.
  3. Lockable zippers on main compartment and suitcase compartment.
  4. RFID-blocking front triangle pockets. 
  5. Anti-microbial lining.
  6. Improved fabric durability.
  7. Redesigned shoulder strap.  Added an elastic strap keeper and removed the D-ring at the end of the strap.
  8. Eliminated webbing keeper straps in the travel compartment and redesigned clothing retention system.
  9. New construction for business card pockets to make them deeper. 
  10. Deeper top front glasses pocket.
  11. Deeper interior lid mesh pocket.
  12. Deeper interior back wall pocket. 
  13. Removed hip strap from Large Knack Pack.
  14. Improved key leash hardware and made the key leash removable.
  15. Numerous construction changes to improve ease of opening and closing.

If these features are important to you, head on over to shop our 2.0 version today!

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